10 Things Homeowners Should Do Before They List Their Home For Sale

March 4, 2019
Home Staging

Professional home stager Rebecca Craig from Whistler Lifestyle Design shares her experience on what a homeowner should consider doing before they list their home for sale.

1.Hire a Licensed Realtor

Do your research before hiring a realtor. Use a realtor from a reputable company who is licenced under the Real Estate council of BC. Selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, you should hire a professional realtor with a proven track record.


2.Get Your Home Ready For  Sale

There’s so much you’ll need to do to get your home ready for sale. Do you have scuffs on the walls? Does your bathroom need a deep clean, and are your closets full? Walk around with a notepad and a good friend. Make notes for each room listing all the things that will need to be done.

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3. Consider Hiring A Home Stager

If this seems like an overwhelming task, consider calling a professional home stager. They are experts in what needs to be done, and can help you prepare your home for market. It feels good to have support and a team helping you achieve your goal. The cost of staging is usually starting at just $1000.

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4. Set A Deadline For Your Home To Be Ready To List

This will help keep you on track. Talk to your realtor and your stager and choose a realistic date that you want your home to be ready. Together as a team, you can divide and conquer to get it ready for sale.

5. Consider Hiring Help For Repairs

It seems like a daunting task to get your home ready for sale all by yourself. Painting can take weeks, landscaping and don’t forget window cleaning? Hire professionals who work fast and efficiently – many hands make light work.

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6. Declutter Living Area and Closets

The first impression when entering your home is extremely important. If all your closets are jam packed full, and you have personal possessions all over your home, the prospective buyer will not be impressed – When they enter you want them to fall in love with your home.

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7. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

It makes sense to hire a professional company to come in and clean your home. You would want your next home to be professionally cleaned before you move in, and professionals see things and clean things that you may not notice.

8. Depersonalize Your Home

You want the new owners to be able to picture themselves in their new home. Personal photos distract them from what they are meant to be doing which is picturing themselves living in their next house. Remove all personal photos and mementos which distract future buyers.

Photo courtesy of Kristen McGaughey photography. Styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

9. Consider Storage

The goal is to empty out the closets and storage so they look neatly organized and very spacious. If you are packed to capacity, potential owners may think your home doesn’t have adequate storage.

Photo courtesy of Walsh Storage Pemberton

10. Insist On Professional Photos

A professional relator should always hire a professional photographer. Professional real estate photographs stand out on the internet and that the first glimpse prospective buyers will see of their new home. It’s an extremely important part of marketing your property.

A great tip to get ready for showings is to create a cheat sheet of 10 things you need to do to prepare for showings. Make the beds, clean the bathroom counters, put away the dishes and vacuum, whatever your 10 things are; print out a list, clip it on the fridge and get busy when the realtor calls!

Finally, try to embrace the process!

Yes, it’s hard work, and yes it may be inconvenient each time you get a showing but keep your eyes on the prize – this is an exciting time for you and your family. – All the hard work will be worth it!

For more information on selling your property in Whistler, get in touch with one of our full-time, local agents!

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