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Understanding Whistler’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 Property Covenants

Whistler is consistently ranked one of North America’s top ski resorts for a reason. With endless year-round recreational activities, stunning views and glacier lakes, world-class dining, events and activities, with a vibrant Village with all your daily-living amenities – all conveniently located within 2 hours of Vancouver’s International airport. If you are considering purchasing a […]

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Underused Housing Tax

Talk to your Accountant about the Underused Housing Tax

Talk to your Accountant about the Underused Housing Tax On January 1, 2022, the Government of Canada introduced the Underused Housing Tax (UHT) with the intended goal of helping to cool down Canada’s housing market. Generally speaking, the UHT is an annual 1% tax on residential property owned by non-resident, non-Canadians that is deemed to […]

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Home Buyer Rescission Period - BC Real Estate Cooling-Off Period

B.C.’s Cooling-Off Period

B.C.’s Cooling-Off Period In recent weeks, you may have heard about BC’s new Home Buyer Rescission Period, also known as the “cooling-off period,” allowing home buyers to back out of a residential purchase within a set period after signing a contract. The BC government introduced this change to real estate contract law to ‘cool off’ […]

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Whistler and Pemberton Market Report 2022

Real Estate Market Report: 2022 Year End

The Whistler and Pemberton Real Estate markets were a bit of a roller coaster in 2022. Real estate sales in the first two months of 2022 resembled the fast pace of 2021, but sales slowed significantly throughout the remainder of the year. This came as a function of economic uncertainty, with a poor-performing stock market […]

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Canada’s Foreign Buyer Ban

After a surge in home buying during the pandemic, the Canadian government first announced a two-year foreign buyer ban would be brought in to help slow the real estate market in early 2022, which would take effect as of January 1, 2023. This ban would prevent non-Canadians and corporations controlled by non-Canadians from purchasing residential […]

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Gabby Carlsson

Whistler Realtor Q&A: Gabby Carlsson

What is the best date you’ve ever gone on in Whistler? My dates have been quite limited these past couple of years, not only due to covid but also having a baby which happened right at the beginning of the pandemic. This made it all that more satisfying and memorable when restrictions somewhat eased back […]

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Whistler Real Estate Market Report: First Quarter, 2022

Let’s talk about real estate activity in Whistler during the first quarter of 2022. When compared to the first quarter of 2021, the pace of unit sales has slowed substantially from 108 ends per month, hitting a high of 114 in March 2021. However, at 71 ends per month, the market still outpaced the long-term […]

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Whistler Market Report 2021 YE

Whistler Real Estate Market Report: Year End 2021

To say that 2021 was a busy year would be an understatement! Sales activity started out very strong, with the first three months of the year seeing 110 unit sales per month.  The rest of the year continued at a steady strong pace – about 70 units per month – only slowing slightly during the […]

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Market Repot 2021 Third Quarter

Whistler Real Estate Market Report: Third Quarter, 2021

Real Estate activity in Whistler during the third quarter of 2021 continues to be a balancing act between a high level of buyer demand, and low availability of properties to buy. Activity is still at historically high levels and remains comparable to what we experienced last quarter, although it is below what we experienced at […]

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Market Report 2021 Second Q

Whistler Real Estate Market Report: Second Quarter 2021

Real estate sales activity during the first six months of 2021 remained consistent with that experienced in the prior six-month period (the second half of 2020). The total number of sales transactions per month continued to exceed longer-term trends, however, the pace of sales slowed as June 30th approached. This is due to a historically […]

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