10 Things to Know about Moving to Whistler

September 20, 2018
10 thinks to know about moving to whistler

Every year we help hundreds of people fulfil their dreams of owning a property in Whistler. We meet people from all over the world, all chasing the same lifestyle.

For those unfamiliar with the area it can sometimes be quite a learning experience, from discovering the different neighbourhoods, to understanding the local market. Our aim is to act as a guide for our clients, not just in real estate, but in experiencing everything Whistler has to offer.

So if you’re currently considering a move to Whistler, here are some things you need to know!

  1. Mountain living with big city amenities

While Whistler is a small mountain town, it is by no means limited when it comes to amenities and offerings.

The Village is packed with shops, restaurants, and bars and there are tons of local businesses offering any service you could want.

  1. It’s closer than you think

What makes Whistler the perfect location for many is its proximity to Vancouver. While the area does offer many amenities and services, having an international airport just two hours away is an added bonus.

A lot of mountain resorts can feel somewhat remote, however, Whistler offers closeness while also still retaining the feel of a classic getaway.

  1. It’s a nuanced market

Most real estate markets tend to follow national or regional trends and can be fairly predictable in these respects, especially when it comes to outside investment. However, Whistler’s marketplace is incredibly nuanced and does not follow the trends of Vancouver and other surrounding areas.

Because of this it’s always best to speak to a local, knowledgeable Realtor when it comes to making decisions and venturing into the market.

  1. It’s not just tourists and ski bums

There can often be a lot of assumptions made about an area from the outside looking in. One of which, when it comes to Whistler, is the makeup of its population. Many assume that the area is just full of tourists and those on ski seasons, but that is far from the truth!

Whistler’s population is made up mostly of long term locals – either people who grew up here, or moved to the area years ago. The community is incredibly warm and welcoming, and you will feel like a local in no time!

  1. A place to grow

Another thing you will notice about the community is how easy it is to make a life in Whistler and how many young families live here.

There are a number of schools and tons of amenities and community activities for children. If you are unsure of moving because of family just chat to any of our Realtors and they will be happy to tell you everything you need to know!

  1. There is a lot happening…all the time

No matter what the season there is something happening in Whistler. Whether it’s a world-famous event such as the World Ski and Snowboard Festival, or a free concert in the Village, there is always something to do.

Find out what’s happening this month on our event page.

  1. We have a summer, and it’s awesome!

One thing that sometimes surprises visitors is that summer here is actually warm! That may sound silly, but for somewhere known mainly for its skiing, it can come as a shock how amazing summer in Whistler actually is!

As the snow thaws you can discover beautiful lakes, hiking trails, and possibly the best mountain bike park in the world!

  1. Activities Galore

Speaking of hiking and biking, Whistler is not short of activities and there is something to do at any time of year. Whistler Blackcomb is consistently ranked the number one ski resort in North America, and in addition to hiking and biking, you can enjoy any number of water sports on the local lakes in the summer to name a few.

Find out more about activities HERE.

  1. Huge range of living options

If you’re considering moving to Whistler you are no doubt curious about the range of property types available.

For those new to the area, Whistler is more than just the Village! There are a number of neighbourhoods in the surrounding area where you can find everything from condos and apartments, to townhomes, cabins, and luxury chalets!

There is a huge range of living options to suit all tastes and requirements, just speak to your Realtor to find the best fit for you.

  1. One more thing

The final thing to know about moving to Whistler is that it is undoubtedly the best place to live in the world (although we might be a little biased!). From the beautiful scenery and endless activities, to the unparalleled lifestyle and welcoming community, we can’t think of anywhere we’d rather live!


For more information on moving to Whistler, get in touch with one of our local agents!

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