5 Things You Didn’t Know about Whistler

June 14, 2018
Snow on a tree in whistler with a mountain view

You might think that after a ski trip or two you’d be familiar with everything about Whistler and the surrounding mountains. You’ve skied, you’ve après-ed, and you’ve even befriended some locals who’ve shown you some secret spots!

But there’s more to Whistler than meets the eye. Here are some little known facts that might make you fall in love with the area even more!

London calling

Located in the Fitzsimmons mountain range, back in 1932 Whistler went by the name of London Mountain, taking the moniker from a mineral claim in the area and the low lying fog. Early developers and advertisers were afraid that potential guests would associate the name London with bad weather, and made efforts to change the name in 1965. The name Whistler was derived from the whistling sound made by marmots—large, furry squirrels—that can be referred to as “whistlers” and are native to the alpine area.


Local opinion

With Whistler constantly being associated with winter (and rightfully so!), it may come as a surprise to know that most locals advocate for the summer as their favourite of the four seasons. It’s well known that most people, who have established roots in Whistler, came for the winter but ended up staying for the summer—rinse and repeat. It’s no mystery, considering the warm temperatures, and access to nearly every outdoor activity imaginable, that the Whistler population prefer the summer months.

Family hiking in Whistler

Summer skiing

Speaking of summer, not everyone knows that you can actually get quality skiing or riding done during some of the warmest months of the year. During June and July there’s shred-able snow on the glacier that can be accessed through Whistler Blackcomb’s summer glacier camps, which are available to experienced riders.

Ski slope venue in whistler

Epic partnership

Whistler Blackcomb used to, in fact, be two separate entities. The rival companies duked it out from their respective mountaintops, until Intrawest eventually purchased Blackcomb in 1986 and then Whistler about a decade later. The resorts began to go by “Whistler Blackcomb” and the rest is history.

Snow on a tree in whistler with a mountain view

Most terrain in North America

Due to the large size of the mountains and their epic partnership, Whistler Blackcomb boasts the most skiable terrain in all of North America, at a whopping 3,307 hectares. That’s a lot of exploring—see you out there!

Did we miss something? If you know something we don’t about Whistler, please share! For more information or if you have any questions, contact us today.

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