5 Ways to Keep busy Before the Ski Season

October 27, 2016
Trees showing autumn colour leaves in Winter

It’s that time of year – the time between the busy seasons, otherwise known as ‘shoulder’ or ‘dead’ season.

As Whistler transitions from summer to winter and the mountains receive their first dustings of snow, it can sometimes be hard to stay occupied. But, contrary to what you may thing, there is actually lots going on during these months.

We spoke to our agents about the ways they keep themselves busy in Whistler before the start of the ski season, here’s what they said:

Eat out

During shoulder season as the crowds get smaller, local restaurants and bars offer a huge range of deals to entice the remaining locals.

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage and treat yourself to some incredible 5-star meals for a fraction of the price! Check out Whistler Bites for daily updates on all the food and drink deals going on in the Village!

Get conditioned

There’s nothing worse then hitting the slopes for the first time in a while and needing days to recover, or even worse, getting injured. The run up to opening day is a great time to hit the gym and get conditioned for the season ahead.

Resistance and stretching is key, and local gyms offer a range of classes to get you prepared so you’ll never have to call it a day before lunchtime because you ache!

Go shopping

As well as restaurant deals, local shops also offer big discounts on their stock during the off season, the biggest sale being the Turkey Sale, which takes place over Thanksgiving weekend.

So if you need new boots, boards, skis or clothes, now is your chance to get some fantastic deals on gear.

Prepare your gear

Once you’ve bought your new gear (or pulled out your old gear from the back of the cupboard), you should inspect it and get it tuned up and ready.

Remember though, it’s always a good idea to use old equipment for the first few days as coverage can be a little sparse and you wouldn’t want to put scratches in your brand new skis!

Get outside

As the snow works its way down the mountains it could be your last chance to explore the valley for a while. Brave the rain and head outside for some last bike rides, or hikes before the snow engulfs the trails!


Did we miss anything? Let us know how you stay busy in Whistler before the ski season!

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