6 Things You Need to Know About the Canadian BBQ Championships

July 23, 2015
BBQ Ribs

The Bulleit Bourbon Canadian National BBQ Championships are held every year at Dusty’s Bar and BBQ in Whistler.

Competitors from all over Canada come to put their skills to the test, while providing an incredible feast to those in attendance. This year’s event is taking place on July 31-August 2.

An incredible atmosphere with live music, sunshine and amazing food makes this an event not to be missed. Here are 6 things you need to know about the Canadian National BBQ Championships:

1. There is a lot of food. A lot

With all you can eat buffets, food samples and an entire evening dedicated to ribs, there is guaranteed to be a lot of food.

Come hungry and maybe wear loose-fitting clothes! There is so much food and it tastes so good, you will not be disappointed. The food kicks off on Friday with the Whole Lotta Ribs all-u-can-eat ribs event, from 5pm.

Saturday hosts the Bottomless BBQ Buffet featuring an incredible selection of food and possibly the best BBQ you will ever eat! There will be suckling pig, ribs, brisket and all the fixin’s!

bbq food whistler

2. The competition is serious

Competitors come from all over to compete in this event, including some of the best BBQ chefs in the world.

Competitions are held on Saturday at 1-5pm and Sunday at 11am-4.30pm, with awards following immediately after both events.

The competitions are free to watch and if you’re lucky you may even get some free samples. Some samples are by donation (usually a dollar), but all are well worth trying. After all, this is some of the best BBQ food in the world!

3. There are some brilliant bands

There is live music on all of the days to keep everyone entertained. Bands will be playing well into the night, so once the food settles you can put on your dancing shoes and have a good time. That is, if you haven’t descended into a food coma!

The evening entertainment is included in the day ticket price, but costs $15 for those who don’t by a dinner ticket.

band at dustys

4. Tickets are a must

The championships are so popular that purchasing a ticket is an absolute must if you really want to go. Tickets can be purchased at Dusty’s or online via the Whistler Blackcomb ticket portal.

5. Free family entertainment

Free family entertainment takes place at 12-3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Entertainment takes place on the main stage, before the live music begins later in the afternoon.

6. It’s an event you should not miss!

The BBQ Championships are such a fun (and filling) event that you should definitely not miss. Never mind the burnt sausage, undercooked burgers and poor salad attempts that home BBQs often yield, this is the real deal!

There are also charitable events with donations from samples on Saturday going to the Playground Builders, and Sunday’s $1 pancake breakfast supporting the Whistler Rotary Club.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and get excited for some incredible food!

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