7 Reasons not to miss the Whistler Beer Festival

August 13, 2015
Beer festival in whistler

From September 16-20 the Whistler Village Beer Festival returns to Olympic Plaza, with even more events, activities and beers than before!

Expect four days of fun, friends, laughs and of course beer. Over 150 breweries from Canada, the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the world will descend on Whistler to treat you to some of the best craft beers.

Here’s why you should not miss this year’s festival:

The beer

It’s what the festival is all about – beer. There are tastings and talks, pairing sessions and just general drinking sessions. If you love craft beer then this is your chance to taste some of the best in the world, presented by those who make it.

The festival takes place at the Olympic Plaza and you can get tickets for the full weekend or just individual days. More information and tickets for the event can be found on the official site HERE.

A weekender pass will get you into the festival for the main event on Saturday and Sunday and includes a sampling mug and 5 x 4oz sampling tokens.

The food

Throughout the four days there will also be various food events, such as the kick-off BBQ on Wednesday and ‘Foodie events’ like the Deschutes Beer Brewing Dinner.

The food events also aim to teach perfect meal and beer pairings, along with offering some delicious dinners and luncheons.

Aside from the official events there will also be food and snacks on site for those wishing to line their stomachs with something other than alcohol!

whistler village beer festival

Fun with friends

The festival is the perfect chance to get out and have a good time with friends. Whether you attend all the events, the full weekend or just hit up one day with a ‘Gatecrasher Pass’, it’s a brilliant day out you won’t forget (depending on how much you indulge!).

Get educated

Along with the chance to sample some incredible beers you can also take the opportunity to learn about the craft from the experts.

There are seminars exploring everything from the origins and history of beer, to how to design the perfect craft beer. You also have the chance to attend a sounding board with an expert panel of master crafters. Here you will meet some BC and American brewing legends – something not to be missed!

Early tastings

Every year the Whistler Village Beer Festival offers awards to the top placing breweries. These aren’t just any old awards though, these are draught contracts with local pubs and bars!

The festival gives you the chance to vote for the beers you want to see in the bars you frequent. What better reason could there be for going?

Even bigger than before

This year’s festival has far surpassed the size of previous years with a whopping 40% increase in allocated space. There are more brewers and even more beers than before.

6000 people are expected to attend the festival with over 150 brewers providing the lubrication. This is your chance to be part of something special as it continues to grown and gain popularity.

It’s in Whistler

There couldn’t be a more perfect place to host the festival, with beautiful scenery, great weather and tons of activities to keep you entertained.

The festival itself takes place at the base of two of North America’s most impressive mountains. The beautiful landscape only adds to the atmosphere, making this festival a truly breath taking experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

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