7 Reasons to Check out the Whistler Film Festival

November 12, 2015
Whistler Film Festival

Roll out the red carpet and swap your ski boots for something a little dressier. The 15th Whistler Film Festival is just around the corner!

Clear your calendars from Wednesday, December 2 to Saturday, December 5 and celebrate Canada’s coolest film fest right here in the heart of Whistler. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie buff, an armchair critic, or just someone who likes to sit back and watch a great film – with 89 films to choose from, there is most definitely something for everyone!

Need an excuse to channel your inner cinephile? Well, we’ve got seven of them:

Get Your Film Fix

Did we mention there are 89 different films screening at this year’s Whistler Film Festival? Over 1,200 films were submitted to the festival, with those that made the final cut representing 19 different countries and 11 different film categories. In other words, you have plenty of fantastic films to choose from.

Take a Time Out

We happen to think that early December is the perfect time to treat yourself to a time out. Take a break from the hectic holiday madness and immerse yourself in another world for a few hours – that’s what good films are all about. The shopping and meal prep can wait.

Speakers in an event

Become Enlightened

This year’s festival features a number of thought-provoking documentaries that will surely get your brain juices flowing. Among them, is a documentary on elephants titled When Elephants Were Young, the Whistler-produced Eclipse, and the highly anticipated Al Purdy Was Here. Documentaries make for a perfect date night – the fun of a movie and something to talk about and debate over a post-movie dinner.

Do a Little Star Gazing

You never know just who you might run into this time of year. Past festival attendees include Rashida Jones, Kim Cattrall, Jason Priestly, Daniel Radcliffe, and many others. No word yet on this year’s VIP guests, but we’re just saying – it might be a good time to keep your eyes peeled!

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Support Canadian Films

Over 60% of the festival’s films are Canadian made, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to support our country’s incredible talent. To see some of the best Canada has to offer check out the new competition category, the ‘Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature’, which will see 20 films competing for a hefty cash prize.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Film festivals are the perfect opportunity to sample a genre outside of your typical movie selection. Check out the variety of short films presenting at the Whistler Film Festival, or venture into the world of subtitles to broaden your cinematic repertoire. Take some time to scroll through the lineup — we guarantee it’s a little more robust than your typical box office offerings.

Bust Out the High Heels

Whistler isn’t exactly known for abiding by any real dress code, but it’s always fun to have an excuse to bust out the suit jackets and cocktail dresses. Get dolled up for the film festival’s galas, or just pretend you’re at a Hollywood premiere and dress to impress at any show throughout the event. After all, the Whistler Film Festival only comes once a year!

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