7 Things You Need to do After you Move to Whistler

January 10, 2019
7 Things You Need to do After you Move to Whistler

Congratulations, you’ve just moved to Whistler! 

Moving house is exciting, but it can also be pretty stressful. At Whistler Real Estate we pride ourselves in taking care of our clients, not just during the sales process, but after. Having a checklist of everything you need to do when you move can make everything a lot easier!

We spoke to some of our Realtors and put together a simple moving checklist for you to use:

1. Inspect and start to unpack

If you made a household inventory when you moved out then now is the time to check off everything as you move it in. Make sure that nothing got damaged or is missing from the move. If there are any issues you will need to contact the moving company and register a complaint.

Unpack your essentials first and prepare the most important rooms – the bedroom and the bathroom. Moving is tiring so it’s good to have a comfy place to sleep afterwards! Unpacking the kitchen is also a priority but it can be time consuming.

2. Arrange your furniture

One of the great things about moving is you get a chance to start afresh with your home. You can create a unique space the works well for you. Take out your floor plans and get arranging! 

This is one of the most fun parts of the move as you have a blank slate and can do whatever you want. It’s probably best to leave a lot of small items packed up so you have room to work with. Start with the bedroom and the living room, then work through to the other rooms of your home. 

There are tons of online tools that can help you create that perfect space and if you know the layout of your new home in advance, you can get a head start before you move in.

3. Utilities and services

If you haven’t already you need to notify your utility company that you’re moving, or even set up a new account. It’s also a good idea to locate your fuse box and water valve in case of an emergency.

Plug in all your major appliances and make sure they’re all working correctly. Fridges can be difficult, especially if you have brought your own. It will need 3 hours to sit before you turn It on again. 

Set up your internet, telephone, and cable if required and keep a list of all of your services if you’re transferring over so you can keep track of what you’ve done or what needs cancelled.

4. Secure your home

When you move into a new home it’s always a good idea to change all the locks, that way you can be certain that you and your family are the only people who have access to your property. Check that your windows are secure and lock properly as well.

In addition to locks, ensure working smoke detectors are in all rooms, and have at least one fire extinguisher per floor. And, if you don’t have one already, a home always needs a good first-aid kit.

5. Continue unpacking and organizing

You’ve already unpacked your essentials and arranged your furniture, but what about the rest of your stuff? This can be a time consuming process, but just take it one step at a time, room by room.

Organize as you go, putting clothes in closets, plates in cupboards, and books on shelves. Once it’s done you will feel so grateful and fully settled in your new home!

6. House admin

What you mean there’s more!? Don’t worry, you’re nearly done. 

Change your address – register it with the post office, and make sure you update every instance of your new address where needed. Think banks, driver’s license, vehicle insurance and any government records.

It’s also a good idea to sit down and go over your finances once you’re settled. Make sure that you didn’t go over budget on your move and assess your new outgoings.

7. Get out and explore!

Once you’ve finished everything you can finally start enjoying your new location! Go out and meet the neighbours, then head out and explore everything Whistler has to offer!

For more information about moving in Whistler, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our local Realtors.

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