Are You Ready for The Ski Season

October 22, 2015
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While most of the province is currently pre-occupied with all things autumn, here in Whistler, we have one particular season on our mind: WINTER.

Now that we’re just a month or so away from the official mountain opening, we’re making our lists and checking them twice to make sure that nothing will be holding us back when the lifts start to crank. Here’s what you need to do to get mountain ready.

Get Conditioned

There’s nothing worse than having to call it a day at 11 AM because your legs feel like jelly. It’s a good idea to start practicing those lunges and squats now so that you’re ready for intensely fun days on the mountain.

Whistler physiotherapists recently launched an app called SKIRAD that will help you determine your weak areas, teach you how to improve upon them, and help you stay injury-free this winter.

Meadow Park also offers dryland training fitness classes that will work you hard from head to toe. Now drop and give me twenty!

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Tune In

Now is the time to dust off your skis and snowboard and get them ready for the season ahead. Drop them off at one of Whistler’s many tuning shops to get your gear back into shape.

Word of the wise: use an older pair of rock skis on opening day, since the snow can be a little sparse in areas. Stick to the open runs towards the start of the season to prevent unfortunate run-ins with gravel and rocks. Your gear will thank you for it.

Pick Up Your Pass

Haven’t ordered your ski pass yet? Do it now to avoid the endless line ups at the start of the season – order it online today, and they’ll deliver it to your house with plenty of time to spare.

Before you click the purchase button, you’ll want to decide which pass is right for you.

Weekend Warriors may favour an Edge Card. If you pick up a 5- or 10-day Edge card now, you’ll get unlimited free skiing from opening day to December 18 (in other words, before the crowds start to roll in).

Serious fans of Whistler and Blackcomb should know that there are many different types of season passes available. Locals might consider a mid-week pass, which allows you full access to the mountains from Monday to Friday. BC and Washington state students, you lucky ducks can pick up the relatively inexpensive student pass, now on sale for only $549.

Of course, the best option is the unlimited season pass – it’s a little more expensive, but you’ll never miss a powder day, and that’s pretty much priceless.

Snowboard View

Hit the Slopes

At the moment, opening day is scheduled for November 26, 2015 – but don’t book the day off just yet, as opening day is a moving target. Focus on your snow dancing, and it could very well be a little earlier than scheduled.

The hardcore will line up very early – possibly even camping overnight – but there will still be plenty of snow to enjoy for those who head up a little later. Bonus: the lines will be much shorter.

As hard as it is, practice a little restraint on your first day back on the snow. There are always a couple of unfortunate souls who experience season ending injuries on the very first day – don’t let that be you!

The countdown is on – we’ll see you on the slopes!

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