Disc Golf in Whistler

July 30, 2015
Golf in whistler

Disc Golf is becoming a huge sport in North America and continues to grow, with courses popping up everywhere.

Whistler is home to one official course at Lost Lake and another, much harder to find, located in Brio.

A quick lesson

For the uninitiated, disc golf is a sport where competitors throw Frisbee-like discs into metal baskets. It follows the same rules as golf with each ‘hole’ assigned a par rating depending on difficulty.

Players take turns throwing their discs at the baskets, aiming to get the lowest score. There is usually anything from 9 to 27 holes, often set into a beautiful landscape, making for a great walk.

disc golf whistler

Lost Lake – ‘Power Lines Course’

The official Whistler course is located along the power lines between Lost Lake and Green Lake. Access is either by Scandinave Spa or by following the trails from Lost Lake towards Nicklaus North.

The Lower Panorama trail from Lost Lake takes you right to the first hole. Coming from Spruce Grove or the Scandinave Spa car park, look for a tiny scramble between the hedges, following the power line.

whistler disc golf map

This course has 27 holes, split into three 9-hole sections. If you are new to the sport it is probably best to just stick to 9 or 18 holes, otherwise you may become frustrated! After all it is a relatively simple sport, but can be difficult to master. Even the most easy going course regulars have their off days!

There are conveniently placed maps all along the course, making this one of the easiest to navigate. Whether you are a seasoned pro or first timer, it is a fantastic day out offering something for everyone.

lost lake disc golf

Brio disc golf course – ‘The Secret Course’

The Brio course in Whistler is a bit of a local’s secret. Getting there requires a lot more hiking and effort, and the course itself is pretty ‘unofficial’.

There are no metal baskets here, instead look out for hanging tree branches and CDs to label the holes.

To find this course head to brio and follow Panorama Ridge, keeping your eyes on the left for a gravel path. Head up the path until you spot what looks like a riverbed on the right. Follow this riverbed up a steep climb into the trees before reaching another scramble.

Keep your eyes out for the ‘holes’ located here in the forest. This course is definitely more of an adventure, but remains unmaintained so use at your own discretion.

With both courses always remember to pack out what you pack in and keep the area clean for everyone!

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