Everything you Need to Know about the Whistler Bike Park

May 7, 2015
Bike park in whistler

Christmas came early in Whistler this year!

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park opened two weeks early on May 2, 2015, and judging by the number of mountain bikes around town, bikers couldn’t be happier.

Best park in the world

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is known for being one of the best parks in the world—and we’re not just saying that because we live here. The variety of trails means there is something for everyone, no matter how new or how experienced you are. The technical features, both natural and man-made, ensure that bikers are constantly challenged and have opportunities to progress their riding. Experienced crews use cutting edge technology to keep trails in the best shape possible.

In short, it’s heaven on earth for downhill mountain bike enthusiasts.

whistler bike park

This year, there are several new changes to look forward to in the bike park. Progression is the overall theme behind these updates.

First, the upgrades everyone is talking about to two popular trails, A-Line and Crank It Up. Both trails have undergone significant changes, and consensus is that it is for the better: the trails are smoother with better flow then ever before, while retaining the features and overall character that riders have come to love.

Another new feature coming to the park is an entirely new trail, Crank It Up More. This trail will help fill in some of the gaps in progressing to the next level and trying new, more challenging terrain. Once you feel comfortable on Crank It Up, you can check out Crank It Up More to step things up before tackling some of the harder trails. This will help you gain confidence and improve your skills on the bike.

Free orientation sessions

The new free orientation sessions will, without a doubt, play a huge role in progression for those who are new to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Not only will these sessions help you learn the best spots on the mountain, they’ll also provide opportunities to work on the basic skills of riding and will offer helpful advice on park etiquette. These sessions should help everyone have more fun in the bike park, and the price certainly can’t be beat.

bike park whistler

With mountain biking season currently underway, that means that the usual biking events are starting back up again. Phat Wednesday is an almost-weekly tradition for those wanting to try their hand at racing downhill. May 27 marks the first Phat Wednesday downhill series, and you can sign up here.

Women’s Nights are another popular event: on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the season, women are encouraged to come out for lessons suited to their ability level and to help them meet other riders, progress their skills, and celebrate their achievements with an apres at the GLC.

Crud 2 Mud is just around the corner, taking place on May 23. This race features the best of Whistler’s downhill sports: skiing through spring-time crud until the snow runs out, then hopping on your bike and plowing your way through the mud until you’ve reached the base of Whistler Mountain. It goes without saying that this event is ridiculously fun.

Of course, we can’t mention downhill mountain biking in Whistler without talking about Crankworx, the ultimate mountain biking festival. Taking place August 7-15, Crankworx features contests, demos, shows, and arts, covering all aspects of mountain bike culture. This is arguably the best celebration of the summer.

Happy biking season!

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