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December 19, 2015
American friends of whistler

Since its launch in 2002 the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW) has contributed over $2 million dollars to organizations in Whistler and the surrounding communities in areas such as health and human services, culture and the arts, environmental protection and outdoor recreation.

In 2016, more than $700,000 was donated to organizations including:

  • Audain Art Museum for the permanent endowment of the museum’s foundation
  • Whistler Off Road Cycling Association for trail building
  • BMX Society for a new track in Whistler
  • Whistler Arts Council for program development
  • Whistler Community Services Society for their Food Bank and outreach programs
  • Spearhead Huts Society for the Kees and Clair Memorial backcountry hut.

The American Friends of Whistler was formed as a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As a US charity your AFOW contribution is U.S. tax deductible –just like one in your local community and 97.5% of contributions go toward making our adopted Whistler community a better place for everyone.

With your assistance we can continue to make a difference. Please give serious thought to advancing the good work of AFOW. Our website www.afow.org covers the necessary gifting details or feel free to email us at info@afow.org and we will assist you.

Thank you again for considering a contribution to the American Friends of Whistler, with your help we will continue to improve Whistler and the surrounding communities.

*Updated: April 2017

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