Finding the Perfect Home as a Dog Owner!

August 8, 2019
Kids and Dog

It’s no surprise – as a dog owner we always tend to put our furry friends first, and why would buying a house be any different? Luckily for us, Whistler truly is a dog-friendly place. There are plenty of hiking trails, dog parks (and beaches!) as well as activities you can do alongside your pooch. If you’re a true dog lover though, what should be a few key things on your new home wish-list. We think we’ve come up with a few that will help you narrow down your search so you and your doggo can live your best Whistler life!


Is There a Yard/ Outdoor Space

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. As dog owners, it is nice to have an accessible outdoor space that allows you to let your dog run wild, soak in the sun from a safe distance or take themselves out (and in) whenever they choose. Not to mention, this will act as a great place to entertain friends and family while getting more out of your outdoor lifestyle without even leaving your front door!


Are There Cooler Surfaces

Hardwood floors, tile or concrete can be a nice place for your dog to escape to in the summer when he finds the temperatures outside a bit overwhelming. Having a coat on year-round is tough business! This also goes for the winter, when the fire place is going and your dog is wearing his doubly-thick ‘winter coat’. He will need a place to cool down and feel comfortable. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at houses with carpet – as everything is changeable and some pooches love it’s comfort!


Open Living Areas

Dogs are natural roamers, so it would be ideal for them to have plenty of choice when it comes to where they want to be. This is particularly nice for when you have other friends over with dogs, so there will be a lower chance of conflict due to tight spaces. That being said, in times of distress your dog may want a place to escape too that is more enclosed to get a sense of security, so make sure there are some closets available!


Close to Green Space

There is no shortage of green space when it comes to Whistler. If you’re looking for a fur-ever home, it may be nice to look at ones that are near walking trails. Luckily, we are spoiled with the Valley Trail network that connects all the lakes, parks and communities – so if you’re looking in Whistler, you’re almost guaranteed not to be too far from this. Another thing to consider is the proximity too lakes, dog parks and dog-friendly hiking trails!


Bathroom with a Bathtub

Whether it’s because you love to soak in the tub yourself or your dog decided to romp through some mud on the way home, having a tub is helpful. Having a detachable shower head will allow you the ease of washing your dog from home, rather than having to call in a service or drive somewhere to do it. It will also help with re-sale value if your future home owner has a family with small children.


Thinking of making the move or finding a more suitable home for you and your fur-babies? Get in touch with one of our local agents to help you find the perfect place!

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