Furnishing and Finishing your Whistler Vacation Rental

March 13, 2018
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Vacation rentals offer homeowners the opportunity to earn revenue while providing Whistler visitors the unique experience of a home away from home. With more than two decades of vacation rental management experience in Whistler, ResortQuest helps homeowners optimize revenue and create the perfect environment for themselves, their families, and their paying guests to enjoy.

Research has shown when choosing a vacation rental, a guest looks for a property that is equal or better than their permanent residence, so quality interior finishes and furnishings can make the difference between your property being chosen or overlooked. Instead of simply focusing on current decor trends, we recommend prioritizing durability. Consider these ideas to help you stay focused on the basics.

Select finishing materials to protect your property

Choose finishing materials that match these criteria – durable, non-slip, easy to clean, and minimize sound transfer. There are so many great options available in all price ranges. While carpet isn’t as desired in a primary residence, it is a great product for your Whistler rental property. We recommend hospitality grade threading so the carpet is still plush yet less likely to pill and doesn’t showcase footprints or vacuum patterns.

Consider laminate, tile, rubber, luxury vinyl, and similar products for secondary spaces such as entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. Prefer the hard flooring for your entire space? You can purchase hospitality grade area rugs and mats to protect your flooring choice. Insider tip – baseboard saves all. Select a durable baseboard to help protect your walls and cabinetry from unintentional dings.

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Comfortable, functional, and durable furnishings

Simple classic shapes and materials withstand the ever-changing design trends while accent pieces such as pillows and art show hints of your style. Size is important – always measure! Not only should you find furnishings that fit your property without shrinking the space, but you should also find pieces that fit through stairways and in the elevator.

Choose real wood furniture when possible to offer the option of future refresh instead of repeated replacement. Watermarks are bound to happen on the coffee table but are easily removed from real wood products. Hospitality grade sofa beds and armchairs are comfortable, functional, and easy to clean with their strong structures and hardy fabrics. (By the way, our favourite supplier includes accent pillows with sofa bed purchase!)

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Create thoughtful guest storage space

Your visitors are arriving with their belongings so develop space to unpack. Setup an obvious spot for outdoor gear. A rubber mat for ski boots or winter footwear and a few hooks to hang ski gear inside the entry closet go a long way. Closets, shelving, and drawer space are organizational essentials for a traveler’s wardrobe. Want to go the extra step? Consider installing a retractable clothesline in your bathroom for those wet swimsuits or store a small collapsible drying rack in a closet.

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Save space for you

If you plan to frequent your property, make a secure space for your small items so you do not have to bring them to Whistler with you each time. Choose a low usage spot such as the kitchen cabinets above the fridge. Store basics such as swimwear, hat and gloves, salt and pepper, and perhaps a bottle of that favourite wine. Never leave any valuables or sentimental belongings behind, as those irreplaceable items are just that – irreplaceable.

Make a plan for future refurbishment needs

Plan ahead and save for future renovations and contents replacements. Forward-thinking to continue to invest in your Whistler property is essential. Renovations and refurbishments can occur in strategic phases without impacting your guests’ experience or interrupting the vibe of your space.

No time to refurbish and rent your property? ResortQuest Whistler by Wyndham Vacation Rentals is a full-service vacation rental management company offering continuous care and rental of Whistler properties. Let us show you how we take the work out of ownership.

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