Get Set and Go: The Kokanee Valley Race Series

January 15, 2015
kokanee valley race

Do you feel the need for speed? Have you ever dreamed of being an Olympic skier? Are you the fastest snowboarder on the mountain?

If you get your thrills out of racing down the mountain at top speed, then you need to check out Whistler Blackcomb’s Kokanee Valley Race Series. Throughout the winter season, you could have the chance to race against others through a variety of disciplines. There are great prizes at stake, not to mention bragging rights – the greatest prize of all!

Here’s what you need to know at the Kokanee Valley Race Series:

One Plank or Two

Skier, snowboarder, telemarker – no matter your plank(s) of choice, the Kokanee Valley Race Series welcomes you with open arms. Simply register according to your sport of choice, and you’ll be placed in the correct category.

Aside from sport-of-choice categories, athletes are also placed in divisions based on their age group and gender.

Pick a Discipline

If you’ve ever watched the Winter Olympic Games, you’ll know that there are many ways to race down the mountain. The Kokanee Valley Race Series offers a variety of disciplines: there’s GS, Super G, Slalom, Dual GS, and even a team relay. Certain disciplines are only offered on specific dates, so get your planner out and…

Remember These Dates!

Here are the 2015 dates you need to know (all Thursdays):

  • January 15: GS
  • January 22: Super G (the plan is to record the best time of two runs, weather permitting)
  • January 29: Slalom
  • February 19: GS
  • March 5: Dual GS and Team Relay
Kokanee valley race series

Get Waxing

You’ll definitely want to wax your gear the night before the race, but there are other ways to prepare, too. Check out the on-mountain race centres any day of the week, where amateurs can race their buddies on a practice course. When you’re not practicing on the mountain, squeeze in some dryland training activities. You can never do too many lunges or squats! Finally, the morning of the race, don’t forget to warm up with some dynamic stretches.

Location, Location, Location

The location varies, depending on the race – some are on Whistler, others on Blackcomb. That means that you can participate in back to back events and have totally different experiences both times!

No matter where the race is located, the start time is always the same: the first run takes place at 10:30 AM, and the second run is at 12:30 PM.

Pomp and Circumstance

Awards are doled out to the top racers of the day later on at the Mountain Club in the Westin, right at the foot of the mountains. The video playback – which is not to be missed – airs at 3:30 PM, the awards and draw prizes are handed out shortly after at 4PM. What kinds of prizes are up for grabs? Well, you’ll just have to show up to find out!

How to Register

If we’ve convinced you to try out a Kokanee Valley Race, then you’ll want to head to the official websiteand click the Registration tab. The cost is $35 per race (plus mountain access), and you’ll need to fill out a form ahead of time, plus a waiver the day of. It’s as easy as that! Just don’t forget your helmet on race day, or you won’t be allowed to compete.

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