Golf in Whistler

August 17, 2017
Golfing in Whistler

As the snow melts in the spring, a new world of adventure is unveiled in Whistler. Aside from the hiking and biking trails, one of the biggest summer sports is Golf.

Whistler is home to three golf courses, with an additional two in neighbouring Pemberton (you can read all about golf in Pemberton HERE). The courses are Nicklaus North, Fairmont Chateau, and Whistler Golf Club.

Each course has its own unique design and feel, and they are all of an incredibly high standard, making golf in Whistler a huge attraction.

Nicklaus North

Located just north of the Village next to Green Lake, the course at Nicklaus North was designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus himself! As one of only three courses in Canada designed by Nicklaus, this course is very special.

The course offers incredible views of the mountains, Green Lake, and Whistler, and is also a fairly tough course, putting your skills to the test. The club is also home to Table Nineteen restaurant, which boasts one of Whistler’s best patios! The ideal place to relax and enjoy a well earned drink after a perfect round.

Fairmont Chateau

Perhaps the most impressive of the Whistler courses is the Fairmont Chateau. This is the epitome of mountain golf – a course carved out of the landscape, breath-taking views, and wildlife roaming free.

There is plenty to behold here as you make your way through the natural trees, ponds, and lakes, but don’t let the incredible sights put you off your game. Although, the sight of the local bears has been known to be quite a shock on occasion!

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club

Whistler Golf Club

Located right in the centre of Whistler Village, the Whistler Golf Club is the first course in Canada designed by Arnold Palmer.

Like the other two, Whistler Golf Club is blessed with incredible scenery and boasts a well-designed course to match. Here you will find a true brand of Whistler golf, with a relaxed environment that still upholds the highest standards you would expect from a course of this calibre.

Whistler Golf club

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