Whistler Home Series: Dining Rooms

December 20, 2018
Stonebridge Drive dining room

Create a special place in your Whistler home for special occasions, a well-planned dining room gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful social space for entertaining family and friends.

How you decorate this room should reflect all the various ways in which you may use it. It is important to find the right balance between comfort, practicality and aesthetic. All in all, you want to create an inviting space whether it is used daily or reserved for special occasions.

Decide on Your Entertaining Style

Stonebridge drive dining room

View This Property,  Agent: John Ryan 

First, it’s important to decide you’re entertaining style and what you want in the way of a dining space. You may want a specific space reserved for fine dining or a simple yet versatile dining area. If space is limited or you simply wish to make the most use out of kitchen space, a bar or island is a wonderful way to make your kitchen a more social area.


Dave Burch Dining Room

Agent: Dave Burch

Lighting, seating and furnishing are some of the main aspects that must be considered when planning the dining room. However, you must ensure that the items you choose for the room complement one another and most importantly the space. It is important to ensure that the items chosen for the room are to scale.

Elizabeth Chaplin Dining Room

Agent: Elizabeth Chaplin 

For example, when choosing a table, you must consider whether it is well proportioned to the size of the room and the amount of people you wish to be able to seat. Round tables encourage conversation with all guests however if the table gets larger than a seating of eight people conversation is difficult and there tends to be wasted space.

If you intend to host larger parties oval or narrow rectangular tables are better suited. Often the size of the room will dictate which style of table you choose but you have the final say on the material used. We suggest choosing a distinguished material that will make a statement while also being durable such as wood or marble.

Treetop Dining Room

Agent: John Ryan 

You want to create an intimate atmosphere while still ensuring people/ guests have a comfortable amount of space. This is where chairs and seating come in to play, when choosing the seating you want to ensure that it is comfortable and proportionate to the height of the table.


Skiers Rest Dining Room

Agent: Hannah Garcia

The lighting of the room is an important aspect to consider, bright lights are great when using the room for projects while soft lights can set the mood for an intimate dinner. To achieve the best of both, layering is a great option, layering involves the use of multiple light sources. Layering aids in balancing a room by minimizing glare and shadows, while also adding depth and dimension to the space. The shape of your light fixtures can also be important in balancing the space, choose a shape that complements your dining table.

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