How Much of a Lifestyle Change is Whistler?

March 16, 2017
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For most, Whistler is a place for weekend adventure, or a vacation of a lifetime. It is experienced in short bursts when visitors cut loose and head to the mountains, either to relax, get close to nature, or experience everything that has made the area famous.

If you’re looking to make a permanent move to Whistler you are most likely doing so for a change of lifestyle. But, how much of a lifestyle change is living in Whistler?

Small town, but not that small

Whistler may be a small town with a close community, but what other small towns consistently host world-class events and festivals and an influx of over a million visitors a year?

When you live in Whistler you see all the benefits of small town, mountain life, with the addition of getting to be a part of one of the best ski/bike resorts in the world. It feels far removed from the outside world, but in reality a major city is only one and a half hours away.

So, whether you’re used to living in a city, or right in nature, Whistler can be whatever you want it to be.

Familiar and changing faces

With such a small community it is easy to make friends and before you know it you will see plenty of familiar faces as you go about your daily business.

Everyone in Whistler is there for the same reason, which gives common ground to each interaction with a stranger. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, from tourists to long-time locals.

On the flip side, with such a transient population of tourists and seasonaires, you will always see new faces coming and going.

Nature of your doorstep

One of the biggest differences when moving from a city to Whistler, is that nature is right on your doorstep. Everywhere you look there is natural beauty. It is so easy to step outside and enjoy the surroundings, whether you’re on the mountain, in the valley, or exploring the many neighbouring areas.

For a lot of locals the main reason for moving to Whistler was to enjoy the outdoors. Because of this it is not uncommon for many businesses to allow flexible working hours for their employees to truly enjoy their lifestyle.

Follow the seasons

When moving to Whistler how you see time can change. Life here can be very season oriented – whether you’re counting the days till winter, enjoying the quiet season, or basking in the hot summer.

With each new season comes a new array of activities to enjoy, along with more festivals and events. It is a place where you have time to make the most of life and take it at whatever pace you dictate.


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