How to Choose the Right Realtor

March 3, 2016
Whistler Real Estate Agents

When looking to buy or sell your property, choosing the right Realtor is a massive decision. As such there are many factors to consider.

In a lot of cases a person may be unfamiliar with the area and have to rely on an agent to guide them and advise on location. With such an important position it is vital that you are able to completely trust the person you select.

There is no real set way to go about selecting an agent. A lot of the time people will simply choose the first agent they meet when looking to buy. The key is to find someone who understands your needs, will be available for you, and whom you can rely.

Do your research

As with any big decision, it’s always important to do your research. Look at real estate brokerages in the area, different realtors, and start talking to people.

Realtors will have their own individual websites where you can research their history, credentials and get an idea of how they operate. The key here is to look for someone that clicks with what you’re looking for.

Do they have similar interests? How qualified are they? Do they know the area well? Do they specialise in a property type you’re interested in?

Ask yourself a lot of questions during this stage and really try to nail down the right person for you.

Make a shortlist

As you conduct your research, begin making a shortlist of agents that you’re interested in. Use factors you’ve determined in your research such as expertise, experience, property types, and locality.

Once you have your list it is time to start interviewing the Realtors in order to find the best fit for your needs. Ultimately, the decision should feel right and you should have the utmost confidence in your selection.

Find the right fit

To find the right fit you must ask questions that outline your needs. If the agent can confidently answer your questions and fills you with confidence, then you are going in the right direction.

Some questions to ask when looking to buy and sell:

  • How long have you worked in this area?
  • How many sales did you complete last year?
  • What services do you offer beyond negotiating?
  • What is the most common price range you deal in?
  • What was the average difference between sales price and list price?
  • Can you provide me with information about your marketing plan for my home?
  • Do you have advice for me regarding my property?
  • Can you recommend contractors and moving companies?
  • How available are you should I need to contact you?
  • What sets you apart from other agents?

After you have spoken to the respective agents it is time to make a decision. Read through your notes and go with the agent who instils the most trust and confidence regarding your needs.


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