How to Spend Canada’s Day in Whistler (like a true Canadian!)

June 26, 2019
Canada celebration

Canada’s Day in Whistler is a time for celebration. Not only do you get to walk among the path of Olympians, indulge in a wide variety of cuisine and take in the fresh, clean air of the mountains. Whistler is a great place that encompasses everything that makes British Columbia so sought after as a travel destination. If you’re looking to dive right off the deep end though and experience Canada’s Day like a true Canadian, here are a few things you may want to add into your weekend plans in Whistler.

Indulge in a Beaver Tail

If you’ve never tried a traditional Beaver Tail, there’s no better time than on Canada’s Day. Other than this sweet, deep-fried dough resembling the shape of a Beavers tail, it has no other connection to Canada’s most beloved symbolic mascot. But it sure tastes good! There are many variations to enjoy this classic treat, but the most traditional is with cinnamon, sugar and a slice of lemon. The original store front may be in Ottawa, ON but Whistler’s location is conveniently situated near the base of Whistler Mountain – so you’re never too far away to enjoy it while taking in the view!

Enjoy a Canadian Caesar

If you ask any Canadian what’s in a Caesar, they’ jump to tell you it’s a classic mix of the following ingredients; vodka, clamato juice,  a dash of Worcestershire and hot sauce with a spiced rim and a stalk of celery.
The real argument comes when you ask where the best place to get one is. Or, what garnishes are the best – we’ve seen some with mini burgers, wings, pickles, salmon jerky – the possibilities are endless. It’s a great drink to enjoy on any patio!

Join a Canadian Adventure

There is no better way to experience the thrill and beauty of Canada like on one of the many activities offered in town. The ones we think really scream Canadian adventure are ATVing, ziplining or white-water rafting. These are all a great way to soak in the outdoors while feeling a little more appreciation for this beautiful place we call home. For extra brownie points, go axe throwing and sport a plaid shirt while you’re at it! If you’re short on time however, just get out into nature any way you can and soak it all in.


Enjoy the Free Canada’s Day Whistler Celebrations

Nothings says more about our accommodating culture like the free events that Whistler Tourism hosts each year. It would be rude not to participate in at least one to show your support – that’s the Canadian way! This year you can take part in the free pancake breakfast, a non-motorized parade through the village stroll at noon – this year’s theme is ‘The Wild West Coast’ – or catch the free concert in the Whistler Olympic Plaza in the evening. The day wouldn’t be complete with fireworks, either!

Anything Maple Syrup

It’s a little hard to have a truly Canadian Day without a little bit of liquid gold; aka. Maple Syrup. This sweet sap, harvested from Canadian Sugar Maple trees, goes on a long journey from tree-to-table, so don’t waste it. The best way to enjoy this is drizzled over your pancakes at breakfast, in a Maple Bacon Donut (at Portobello’s, located inside the Fairmont Whistler) or if you’re feeling a little bold, in a cocktail.


It’s safe to say that there are many options to help make your weekend enjoyable. However, one things is for certain; we can’t think of a better place to celebrate Canada.

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