Is Spring The Best Season in Whistler?

April 9, 2015
Whistler in spring

Want to know one of Whistler’s best-kept secrets?

Three words:

Spring shoulder season.

Once the World Ski and Snowboard Festival wraps up on April 19th, the crowds will thin out considerably until the Canada Day long weekend in July. That’s because the vast majority of people haven’t figured out that springtime in Whistler is, quite simply, awesome. Here’s why:

The (Lack of) Crowds

Forget battling for a parking spot, a seat on a sunny patio, or a chairlift. For unknown reasons, crowds have all but entirely dissipated before the summer months. That means less waiting and more fun for you.

spring in whistler

The Weather

Whistler’s spring weather can be pretty darn great! Sure, you’ll get a rainy day or two, but you’ll also get plenty of warm, sunny days with temperatures in the high teens (Celsius). While it’s warm down below, we still often get a surprise powder day on top of the mountain! You’ve also got plenty of daylight hours, so you can squeeze in as many activities as humanly possible. On that note…

The Activities

We’re not sure why people think that activities quiet down in springtime in Whistler because, in fact, the opposite is true. It’s not unheard of to snowboard in the morning, hop on an XC mountain bike in the afternoon, and squeeze half a round of golf in before the sun sets. Sure, the mountain opens a little later, but that just means you can fit in a trail run or a sunrise yoga session before you step into your skis.

spring biking whistler

The Deals

Though Whistler is known for having some pretty incredible restaurants, most are priced too high for locals to enjoy outside of very special occasions. That all changes in the springtime: come shoulder season, many of Whistler’s restaurants – including the fancy, world renown ones – offer absolutely incredible dining specials mid-week. Think five gourmet courses, each better than the last, for under $40.

Hotels often offer some pretty incredible shoulder season deals, too, making it a much cheaper time to enjoy a Whistler holiday than the busy mid-winter or mid-summer months.

The New Season

After a season spent on the slopes, it’s always exciting to welcome the multitude of activities that come with summer territory.

For example, the Whistler Bike Park will open towards the end of May, but it won’t really get busy until schools let out at the end of June. Shoulder season is the perfect time to get your biking legs under you.

We’ll also slowly but surely get used to the return of beach days. On those unseasonably hot spring days, you’ll find plenty of summer-starved locals chilling out at the local beaches, perhaps playing a few rounds of beach volleyball or cooking up dinner on a BBQ. You’ll find a few brave swimmers and some wobbly stand up paddle-boarders out on the water, too.


Between the hotel deals, the lack of crowds, and the vast array of activities to enjoy, spring just might be the best time to visit – and fall in love – with Whistler.

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