Keep your Home Cool this Summer

June 22, 2017
Cool home in Whistler

It’s summertime in Whistler and, in a town known for its winters, it may surprise you that it gets hot. Very hot.

The temperature in summers can reach the mid 30s and it stays hot well into the evening. With homes in Whistler designed to withstand the cold of winter, it can get very warm indoors. With that in mind we’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping your home cool this summer.

  1. Open windows (selectively) and use blinds

The first temptation when it gets hot is to start opening windows, but be careful as this can actually make your home warmer.

The key is to open selective windows – As hot air rises the best technique is to open windows downstairs on the shady side of the house, while opening upstairs windows on the sunny side. This will create a through draft, and is even better if there is a breeze to take advantage of.

In addition, closing blinds works to reflect heat and keep the air inside your house cool. If you don’t have blinds, it may be worth the investment!

  1. Fan hacks

Did you know that ceiling fans should be set differently depending on the season? Setting your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise will create a wind-chill breeze effect in your home.

Another fan hack, for use with a standard desk-top or standing fan, is to place a mixing bowl full of ice underneath at an angle. The air will bounce off the ice and send a cool breeze heading your way!

  1. Plan your cooking

Using your oven or stove in the summer will make your house hotter! It is best to avoid using it and either microwave or fire up the outdoor grill and get barbecuing. If you do need to use the oven, then make sure you turn the fan on to reduce as much heat as possible.

  1. Get the bedroom right

One of the worst parts of a hot day is the night time, when you can’t sleep as you’re too hot. There are a few things you can do to optimize your bedroom that will help this, and mean you can sleep peacefully.

First of all, switch up your bed sheets – cotton breathes easier and stays cool, opposed to flannel sheets and fleece blankets, which insulate.

If possible, sleep on the lowest floor you can as this will be the coolest part of the house. And if you have a ceiling fan, now is the time to use it – there’s nothing worse than hot, stagnant air when you’re trying to sleep!

  1. Focus on you

Most importantly, focus on you and your comfort. Everything from sipping cold drinks, to applying a cool cloth on the back of your neck will improve your comfort. Wear cool clothes and spend your time in cooler areas of your home. Follow all of the above and you will be chilling all summer!

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