Making the Most of “Dead Season” in Whistler

May 11, 2017
Person canoeing in Whistler

Winter and summer in Whistler bring in huge numbers of visitors each year, offering some of the best skiing and mountain biking in the world.

The time in between the popular seasons is known as “dead season” or “shoulder season” and is a time of transitioning. The number of visitors decreases, those staying for a season tend to depart, and many locals take this time to vacation.

So, what happens to this beautiful mountain town when no one is around? You may be surprised to learn that there is actually quite a lot to do!

So many activities

As spring hits, the winter season begins to feel like an age ago however, you can still enjoy spring skiing on Blackcomb until the end of May! Not only that, but as the snow clears in the valley the mountain bike and hiking trails begin to open up.

It is not uncommon to ski or snowboard in the morning, go for a bike ride, then relax by the lake or even partake in a round of golf!

Dead season is probably the time of year when you can do pretty much every Whistler activity you can think of. Alongside the many activities on offer, there are now a number of new events drawing in visitors such as GOFest, which you can read about HERE.

Deals galore

One of the best, and most popular, attractions of the quiet months is the deals offered by local restaurants and bars. Nearly all the restaurants provide a range of deals and tasting menus, making their fantastic menus incredibly accessible for even the smallest budgets!

Whistler is known for having some world-class dining and now is your chance to sample everything there is to offer.

Bargain accommodation

It’s not just the restaurants offering incredible deals throughout this time. Visitors to the area benefit from great lodging discounts, with rooms starting as low as $60!

Find out how to get some great deals on accommodation HERE!

Sunshine and relaxing

One of the biggest surprises to those who know Whistler for the winter is that summer is actually incredibly warm! As the snow melts in the valley and the early spring rains die down, temperatures see a drastic increase.

The previously frozen lakes are now hotspots for gatherings, swimming, and sunbathing. Spring is also the perfect time to enjoy some hiking and biking in the valley, before the daytime temperatures get even higher in the summer.


All of this makes dead season in Whistler one of the best times to be around!

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