Making the Most of Small Spaces

January 31, 2019
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When it comes to making the most of small spaces, the size of your Whistler home doesn’t matter. You may have a space that feels small or an unused space that you can’t figure out what to do with it, these simple ideas on maximizing space in a home are for you!

By getting creative, you can turn a small unused or frustrating space into your favourite room in your home. Just because there may be a little less space to work with doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste and style.

Invest in Floating Shelves

Incorporating floating shelves into your home décor provides both style and functionality to a room. Floating shelves have many benefits such as offering a cleaner less cluttered look to a space and creating more ambience in a room. This type of shelve is ideal for a small nook you’d like to make better use of.

4340 Lorimerrd

Compact Vanity

A simple and stylish small desk or vanity is the perfect solution when your short on space. This type of vanity is both aesthetically pleasing and a functional space to use for working and can provide you with smart storage space.

9092 Corduroy Run Court

Introduce a Vertical or Indoor Garden

If you’re frustrated in finding a use for your small space, why not turn it into a small zen oasis with a vertical garden. Having plants indoor has many benefits, they reduce levels of pollutants and dust levels in the air. This serves to improve the air quality in your home and create a more eco-friendly space.

3317 Ptarmigan place living room

Take Stock

Take inventory of everything in your home and decide what is a necessity. In saying that, it is ok to hold on to non- essential things that bring you joy but it’s important that they have a space and aren’t in the way. Holding on to unnecessary items can make any space seem cluttered and untidy.

By taking stock and streamlining your possessions you minimize clutter and you’ll have less to store and organize. This will ultimately make any size space feel larger.

Let Light in

Keep window décor to a minimum in a small space, by adding natural light you immediately make a space seem much larger. Getting rid of heavy draperies can create a drastic change to a room. If your small spaces are lacking in natural light you can create a similar feel to the room by using artificial lights. A great tip to give any space more ambiance and set a mood is to layer the lighting.


Made to Measure

When it comes to smaller spaces having your furniture made to measure can be a worthwhile investment. When furniture is made to measure you are utilizing the available space efficiently and as the furniture is often customizable you can make it a double-duty solution.

Color Choices

A change in wall color is the easiest and most affordable methods of drastically changing a space. White is a tried and true space enhancing method and by being clever with other soft neutral colors you can create a chic and cozy area.

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If you’re feeling a little bolder, a dark color like black is often used to expand and add depth to a space. A pop of color or pattern can add character to a space but be careful with larger prints as they can have a dwarfing effect and make a tiny space feel even smaller.

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