Managing a Rental Property in Whistler

February 16, 2017
Large Whistler Complex

For many buyers in Whistler, purchasing a property isn’t just about realising a dream it’s an investment. Those purchasing a property for the purpose of renting will need to find a property management solution that works for them.

We spoke to local firm Whistler Platinum to find out more about property management, and the benefits of using professional services to operate your vacation rental.

Why use a property management company? 

Property management is about more than just revenues, it is about having someone you trust on the ground caring for and protecting your home. They are the first point of contact for guests prior to their arrival and while in house. Well established property management firms offer a one stop shop service for all your needs. These  include marketing, sales and maintenance of your home, guest check-in/out, concierge, and accounting support to ensure you have proper oversight of your investment’s finances.

What does property management include?

Property management is a challenging business and with a lot of moving parts. It can be quite daunting when undertaken on your own. Not only is it dealing with the reservation process and in-house guests, you are also coordinating housekeeping, sub-trades, and general contractors, this is where Whistler Platinum comes in.

A property manager looks after the marketing; including professional photos, managing your listing on booking engines, website development and maintaining relationships with travel partners. Whistler Platinum has an in-house reservations team who ensure guests meet strict requirements, they follow-up and facilitate the rental, and provide a memorable guest experience.

Companies, such as Platinum have a front desk and guest experience team therefore, the added benefit of providing a smooth check in process for the guest. A dedicated maintenance team, along with property inspectors work tirelessly to make sure your home is being well cared for and presented to guests and owners to the highest standard.

A dedicated owner relations representative is assigned to each owner, providing one point of contact for your home. Professional management also work closely with strata companies and accountants on behalf of the owner, making sure your interests are protected. In addition, their team assists with property upgrades, purchases, and any other items associated with a property under our management.

Not all property management companies are created equal therefore, an owner needs to do their research when looking for the right fit for their home. Fees will vary based on the services included. It is important to define your needs prior to selecting the firm right for you. Make sure you understand the practices of the management company and dig into the services included in their fees. Once you’re satisfied with the firm selected, relax and enjoy your new Whistler home.

For more information on property management and to enquire about their services, get in touch with Whistler Platinum, a locally owned and operated firm serving Whistler for over 17 years.

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