Mountain Biking in Whistler

May 18, 2017
Toonie Rides in Whistler

Following the winter season, when the snow melts away from the peaks, a new sport takes over the area. Mountain biking in Whistler is hugely popular and draws just as much traffic as skiing and snowboarding in winter.

As the warm weather hits you will see the village, valley trails and roads swarming with bikers of all kinds, from downhill, to trail and cruiser, along with road bikers along the Sea to Sky Highway.

But what makes Whistler so great for biking, and what can you expect when visiting?

The Whistler Bike Park

The Whistler Bike Park is known for being one of, if not the best mountain bike park in the entire world!

It has a huge range of trails with something for riders of all standards, from first timers to professional riders. And, with unparalleled lift access you can be at the top of the mountain and riding in no time at all.

In addition to the incredible trails, Whistler Blackcomb also offer orientation sessions, group and individual lessons, and a range of competitive races throughout the year. This makes the park one of the best places to learn and advance you biking skills.

Local trails

Aside from the bike park, Whistler is also blessed with a huge array of local bike trails built by WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) and enthusiastic locals.

These trails are all free with no permit required and cater to riders of all abilities. From the Lost Lake trails where many beginners start out, to harder trails in Stonebridge and on Blackcomb Mountain.

WORCA also run a Toonie Ride every week where members can take part in a casual race/ride for just $2, with free food and drink afterwards!

Dirt jumps and pump track

For riders who love getting air and speeding round a track, Whistler has a local pump track and dirt jumps next to the skatepark, adjacent to the Village parking lots.

Here you will find riders honing their jump skills for the bike park or just hanging out having fun with other locals.

The Sea to Sky

It’s not just Whistler that offers incredible mountain biking options, neighbouring Pemberton and Squamish have some incredible trails for those looking to go further afield.

Both areas have huge trail networks to suite riders of all abilities. They also have competitions each year, with the Nimby 50 in Pemberton and the Test of Metal in Squamish.


For more information on trails in Whistler and the surrounding area you can check out TrailForks.

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