Our Favourite Whistler Blackcomb Ski Runs

January 1, 2015
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With over 8,000 acres of terrain and over 200 listed trails, it is not easy picking your favourite run at Whistler Blackcomb.

There is just so much on offer across both mountains that it’s hard to even start picking favourites. So, we asked around the office to find people’s top trails, both on and off the piste. We’ve divided them into categories ranging from learner to expert. Enjoy!


If you are just learning we strongly suggest taking lessons with the great ski and snowboard instructors at Whistler Blackcomb before heading out on your own.

Upper Fantastic – This is a great place to start if you have never been skiing or snowboarding. It is accessed via Olympic Chair on Whistler and is the perfect size run to start with.

Easy Out – Located on Blackcomb this run is more advanced and longer than Upper Fantastic and is a great place to hone your newly found skills!


Ego Bowl – A perfect beginner’s run located on Whistler, easily accessed via the gondola.

Whiskey Jack – A slightly longer run than ego bowl and one to test yourself with.

Springboard – Springboard is located on Blackcomb where there isn’t much beginner terrain. Although it is a blue run there is a lot of space to keep those turns wide and controlled. The perfect first blue run.


Rock N Roll – This is an exciting pisted run off Crystal Chair with tons to offer on all sides.

Hugh’s Heaven – Definitely check out Hugh’s Heaven, even if it’s just for the views. Located off 7thHeaven Chair, this run is just that. One of the most beautiful runs on the mountain.

Harmony Piste – Harmony Piste is a wonderful groomed trail off Harmony Chair. It is incredibly fun in any conditions.

Peak to Creek – One of the most famous runs on either mountain, why not race your friends from the top to bottom of Whistler? (PS it usually ends with a nice refreshing beverage at Dusty’s!)

Skiing whistler


7th Heaven Trees – If tree runs are what you’re after then the trees located all over 7th Heaven should be your go to destination. Some of the best tree skiing there is with lots to choose from.

Lakeside Bowl – Located of 7th Heaven again, this run requires a traverse underneath some cliffs. But the reward is incredible – the closest you can come to heli-skiing without the helicopter!

Whistler Bowl – Peak Chair provides access to some of the best skiing in North America. This is just one of the many runs you can pick.

Dave Murray Downhill – According to CNN this is the second best run in the entire world! That alone should be enough reason to check it out! This run is a Whistler favourite and is steep and exciting!


Couloir Extreme – One of the steepest runs on either mountain. Coulouir Extreme can be accessed from the back of 7th heaven. Try not to fall though because you might not stop until the bottom!

Gemstone Bowls – These runs are true local’s favourites. They require a miniature hike up Spanky’s Ladder and provide some truly excellent skiing. Chutes, bowls, cliffs, drops – what more could you ask for!

The Couloir – Located off Peak Chair, this is another local favourite. A steep and scary chute providing access to a wide open bowl.

Flute Bowl – This bowl requires a fairly long hike from the Symphony Chair, but the terrain is well worth it. The feel of the backcountry, but in bounds!

With so many trails we’re bound to have missed some of your favourites. Let us know yours in the comments below!

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