Spring Cleaning a Whistler Rental Property

April 10, 2018
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As the weather warms and the winter ski season comes to an end, spring cleaning becomes top priority for your vacation rental property. While it’s exciting to see travel trends expanding into what was historically viewed as shoulder season, homeowners are left with a smaller timeframe for spring cleaning and preventative maintenance care. The ResortQuest Whistler team go above and beyond to prepare properties for the next influx of Whistler visitors. The information below will help you formulate a tailored plan to tackle spring cleaning for your specific property.

Spring cleaning and dusting a blanket

Use guest feedback to help develop your Spring Cleaning Plan

Guest feedback throughout prime rental time is a great tool to understand perceptions of your space. Tally helpful notes throughout the year to create an efficient to-do list for items not addressed during peak season.

Repair versus Replace

Weeks leading into the spring season should be used to complete a walk-through of the property to carefully assess additional needs. Small concerns can turn into larger ones if not addressed early. Determining repairable versus required replacement can be tricky, but it’s the most cost-effective strategy. Dining legs can be tweaked, carpets can be dyed and stretched, sofa fabrics can be stitched and cleaned – but when products truly show their age replacement is the only option.

Schedule local contractors in advance

Create a long-term maintenance plan to know when your property needs contracted specialized work. Scheduling a season or two in advance guarantees the projects can be completed during the slower periods in the year. It can be easy to miss hot water tank replacements or interior painting updates without a reminder. Many developments have strata bylaws in place for unit renovations, making it even more crucial to be efficient.

Pick your cleaning products carefully

Choose eco-friendly products that will help tackle your tasks at hand without jeopardizing your future guests’ allergies or sensitivities. Products with lingering chemical smells may force you to keep your property vacant a few days longer than expected. Seek a second opinion if you cannot tell if the property has returned to its scent-free state.

Make a mess to clean

Cleaning is hard work. Seek assistance to move and pull apart all your furnishings and appliances so your property and its contents can be cleaned from top to bottom. Scrub, dust, disinfect, clean behind, under, around, and everything in between. Look for signs of unwanted pests, unexpected water stains, and any other indicators of unusual activity. Steam clean furniture and take curtains and other specialty fabrics to the dry cleaner. Test air conditioning and heating units and don’t forget to remove the bathroom fan to clean the vents. Redo caulking and tile grouting to freshen up the space.

Don’t Skip the Small Stuff

Addressing the smaller tasks make a big impact in a vacation rental property. Inspect and test the smoke alarms and fire extinguishers for the safety of your investment and your guests. Inspect plumbing and electrical fixtures and outlets. Soak and clean shower curtain hooks, sharpen kitchen knives, test and clean all small appliances, replace lightbulbs, and change out TV remote and flashlight batteries.

Maintain records for your property

Log your efforts and care into a program, electronic document, or even a basic notebook. Forward-thinking requires historical knowledge. Accurate records will help you balance current and future property needs to stay ahead of the game.

Sound like a lot of work? Leave it to the vacation rental professionals of ResortQuest Whistler by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. Contact them directly for more information about the perfect partnership.

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