Teeny Tiny Show Whistler – 2018

September 21, 2018
Teeny Tiny show

For its second year, The Teeny Tiny Show has returned to dazzle and delight in Whistler Village. Over 70 local artists have put their creativity to the test and produced mini masterpieces, all under 3 by 3 inches. This unique exhibition will run from September 10th– October 14that the Maury Young Arts Centre.

We decided to take shelter from a rainy day in Whistler and spend an hour checking out some of the fantastic pieces on display. This is an activity we would highly recommend doing, you can’t help but be amazed by the creativity and attention to detail involved in each piece. Here are some of our favourites;

Art canvas of flowersBouquet, by Rebecca MacKay
Canvas art of a dogBear With Me, by Marieke Kerr

The artist of this magnificent piece, Marieke Kerr, chooses to work with wool as a natural material for its diversity and ability to transcend its original state.

Canvas art of hat stylesParis Summers

The artist explains that by using vintage hats as the depiction, this duo art piece represents love in its most archaic form. To express that feeling you get when your special someone makes you so happy that you could promise to love them forever. The artist wants this duo to be a reminder to appreciate that kind of love in your life.

Canvas art of Whistler MountainsMount Macbeth, by Machi Mela (Michaela Ivancova)

The Teeny Tiny Show offers aspiring artists an inviting platform to share their artwork. The best part about this show is the pieces are affordable and you’re guaranteed to walk away with a piece you love!

This exhibit really proves that good things definitely come in small packages. The mini- masterpieces will be on sale at the Gallery. To ensure you get the piece you want don’t miss the official opening, the Teeny Tiny Show ART PARTY on September 21st from 7pm- 9pm!

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