The best dog friendly hiking trails in Whistler

June 8, 2017
Dog standing near train wreck
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Whistler is an incredible place for hiking trails, but unfortunately dogs aren’t always welcome on every trail. Due to the presence of bears and other wild animals, areas such as Garibaldi Park do not allow dogs.

But don’t worry there are plenty of trails our furry friends are allowed on, and we have listed a handful of our favourites for you!

1. Lost Lake

Located in Upper Village, Lost Lake Park is a beautiful little area complete with both hiking and biking trails, along with a dog friendly beach next to the lake!

For those looking for something very easy and relaxing, Lost Lake is the perfect place, with a small loop going around the lake, along with trails branching off should you wish for something longer.

The dog beach is the perfect place to end and let your pup cool down in the lake!

2. Train Wreck

Train Wreck is a very popular hike and is located just south of Whistler in Function Junction. It winds through the forest with little elevation gain and at the end sits an old train wreck, transformed into a work of art by local graffiti artists.

The trail has been made more accessible recently by the addition of a bridge over the Cheakamus river, creating a safe and legal access point in order to avoid crossing the rail tracks.

Just under a 5km round trip, the Train Wreck hike is the perfect small hike for you and your dog.

3. Ghost Town

The Parkhurst Ghost Town is one of Whistler’s most interesting hikes. Similar to Train Wreck, you will find incredible graffiti work and a unique piece of Whistler history.

The Ghost Town is easily accessible and can be found just north of Green Lake, a short distance from the Village.

4. Sea to Sky Trail

The Sea to Sky Trail is a huge 180km multi-use trail that runs from Squamish to D’Arcy. The 33km route through Whistler is a great place to take your dog as you will never pass a car or road.

Running from Brandywine Falls to WedgeWoods, you can’t go far wrong with any section of the trail.


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