The Best Way to ‘Cool Off’ This Summer

July 11, 2019
Child Icecream

Ah, summertime. There’s no better place to be than in Whistler when the sun comes out. With endless mountains to hiked, bike trails to be ridden and greenery to explore (or golf) – the possibilities to work up a sweat are endless. The best part about being active outdoors is the reward of ‘cooling down’ especially when you have endless amounts of creative ways to do it. We’ve put together a handful of fun, local ways you can cool off while in Whistler this season.

Ice Cream Shops

Is there anything better than doing a cool down lap around the village stroll than with an ice cream in hand? Not really. What’s even better about this method is that there are several options to choose from – so you’ll never tire of the hand-held treat. For those looking to get the true Canadian experience, stop by Cows and tempt yourself with their local flavours including P.E.I Blueberry. Those seeking the Italian version can stop in at Lucia Gelato or Bocca Gelato. For those who seek an ice cream bar instead, check out Rogers’ Chocolates or those looking for the ultimate ice cream experience, book a table at the Bearfoot Bistro and get their infamous Nitro Ice Cream prepared table side.

Vodka Ice Room Tasting

This may be an adults-only kind of cool down, but we all need that happy hour pick me up from time to time. Promptly set at -32C (-25F) the Ketal One Ice Room is the world’s coldest vodka tasting room (and the only permanent one in Canada!). While it sounds like a room you’d want to lock yourself in after a hot day outside, don’t be fooled – that vodka jacket only lasts so long.  That’s why they give you proper Arctic Expedition parkas for the event – plus, it makes for a fun photo!

Take a Glacier Tour

You may be in Whistler in summertime, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of snow on the mountains. See what all the winter fuss is about when you take a tour on Whistler’s 10,000-year-old glacier. If walking seems like too much effort – did we mention they offer a glacier sliding? Combine your love of snow, tobogganing and feeling youthful all into one activity and there you have it – the ultimate (and most scenic way!) to beat the heat!

Take it to the Lakes!

Nothing quite takes your breath away then a plunge into a glacier lake on a hot day. And we’ve got plenty of them! Whether you choose to hike or bike to a lake or jump in on a rafting tour down a river – there are several bodies of water all within reach of Whistler Village. If you’re looking for something to up your waterside-fun, why not jump in a floaty and get taken down the River of Golden Dreams? Or rent a paddleboard or canoe and really check out the shoreline.

Jumping into the lake

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