The Best Whistler Bike Trails

June 11, 2015
Bike trail in whistler

Whistler is famous for its skiing and snowboarding in the winter, as well as its hugely popular bike park. But it is less known for having some of the best and easily accessible x-country and all-mountain trails.

Scattered all over the village and surrounding areas are incredibly well maintained world-class bike trails. Not to mention the valley trail and Sea-to-Sky Highway if you’re into cruising and road biking.

There are so many it’s too hard to name them all, but to give you a taste our Realtors named some of their favourite trails for you to start exploring.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake has a large and incredibly fun trail network that weaves and intercuts all around the lake.

Riding here is beginner to intermediate, with nothing too difficult, but always very enjoyable. The network is referred to as the Zappa Trails, having all been named after Frank Zappa songs.

The extensive trails cover everything from wide, manicured pea gravel trails to technical singletrack, including drops and rock rolls.

Link a few trails together to form some fun rides then take a dip in the lake to cool down – a perfect day out for all the family!

A River Runs Through it

Located just north of Alta Lake, A River Runs Through It is a very popular trail with all who come to Whistler.

The trail is divided into two sections – River North and River South. River North is a more expert trail with very demanding features such as large roots, rocks and skinny wooden sections.

River South, whilst still advanced, is a lot more doable and enjoyable but still offers similar features.

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A Rockwork Orange

This is an advanced flowy trail that utilizes all of the natural rocky features at its disposal. It follows a sustained climb above Stonebridge before a ‘true’ descent, with spectacular views of the valley.

This trail should definitely be ridden twice – once for the views and once to enjoy the trails natural flow!

For the experienced rider this trail is an absolute must.

Cut Yer Bars

Cut Yer Bars is a fun network of trails located behind Nesters. Trails are intermediate, advanced and expert and are some of the most creative trails in the valley.

Cut Yer Bars itself runs through the centre with other lines branching off at intervals. Riders will find a mix of enjoyable x-country and exhilarating downhill and even a jump line!

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Emerald No Flow Zone

The trails around the Emerald Estates, commonly known as the No Flow Zone, are advanced technical lines for the experienced rider.

Expect roots and tricky singletrack – classic old-school riding. A few runs through here and you will see huge improvements in your ability!

Kill Me Thrill Me

This trail is located just north of Green Lake and is possibly one of the most fun advanced trails in Whistler.

Steep, twisty climbs and rolling descents are the staple here, with features to keep even the best riders on their toes. A Whistler classic!

For more information on Whistler’s bike trails, check out BikePirate.


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