Top 10 Lunch Spots in Whistler

May 5, 2016
Brickworks lunch food people cheering together

In a town where everyone is active, it’s important to get in a good meal! Whistler offers a huge number of lunch spots, but with so many options it can be hard to decide where to go.

Here are some of the best places to have lunch in Whistler:

  1. La Cantina

La Cantina is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Pop in for some quick tacos or a tasty burrito and you will not be disappointed! A true taco bar, this place has a fantastic atmosphere, great staff and fast service.

Tacos la cantina

  1. Gone Village Eatery

Gone is a great little café, tucked away in the heart of the village. Here you will find local baked breads, homemade soups and delicious organic coffee. When we say it’s ‘tucked away’, it’s fairly hidden – find it behind Armchair Books, adjacent to the taxi loop.

  1. Green Moustache

This is the go-to spot for vegans, yogis, foodies, and basically anyone looking for an incredible smoothie or healthy lunch. Just give them a try and you will fall in love!

  1. Splitz Grill

Arguably some of the best burgers in town. Splitz offer build-your-own burgers to take-out and they are just incredible. If that’s what you’re into, then you cannot pass them up.

  1. Brickworks

Brickworks have a wide range of lunches from tasty bites, to snacks and sandwiches, to full meals, along with a great selection of craft, domestic and import beers. It’s one of our favourite spots, and it’s right next to our office!

Brickworks lunch food people cheering together

  1. Peaked Pies

Savoury pies may be something of a mystery to North Americans, but once you try them it will change your world. Peaked Pies are experts in all things pie related, and from the uninitiated to the seasoned pie-eater you will not be disappointed!

  1. Crepe Montagne

If you love crepes and all things French then you should definitely head to Crepe Montagne. Here you will find an incredible selection of lunch delicacies to satisfy your needs. The food is so good that there have even been many celebrity sightings here.

  1. Wild Wood Pacific Bistro

Whether it’s the Wild Wood Pacific Bistro in the heart of the village or the Wild Wood Café in Function Junction you can’t go wrong with lunch here. There is a lot of talk about the best bennys in Whistler, but for us it is definitely Wild Wood.

Benny Wildwood Whistler

  1. Samurai Sushi

Quick, tasty, take-out/dine-in sushi? You can’t go wrong with Samurai. With two locations, one at Nesters and one in Creekside, these guys have you more than covered when it comes to sushi.

  1. Whistler Blackcomb

We couldn’t leave out Whistler Blackcomb. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding in winter, or biking in the summer, the mountain really does offer some great lunch options to keep you going through the day!

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