Top Tips for Selling your Home in 2019

March 7, 2019

Are you looking to sell your Whistler property this year? The real estate market is constantly changing, and while the last couple of years have been more favourable to sellers, the tide could be about to turn. However, with the right knowledge and preparation you can sell your home for a good price at any time.

We spoke to our Realtors about the most important things to know in 2019:

Be ahead of the market

It’s always important to research the current market conditions when looking to sell, but it’s also good to be aware of the forecasts for both your local area and wider regions.

In general Canadian house prices are expected to show a slight increase of around 1.7% across the country on average, as the market slows down and stabilizes. This will likely result in more people looking to sell to a gradually shrinking pool of buyers, making the need to stand out more important than ever.

While you should always research regional and national markets, we also advise that the local Whistler market tends to operate fairly exclusively of the surrounding areas. With this in mind you should focus your strategy on the local market, but be aware of external factors that will influence potential buyers.

We advise getting an early valuation and ensure you have all the necessary paperwork ready to get started as soon as possible.

Target millennials

Understanding your target market is essential to selling your property, and in 2019 45% of buyers are expected to be millennials. Of course this is Canada wide, and is not necessarily the case in Whistler, however, there will definitely be a noticeable increase in this area.

The impact from this new market determines how and where you promote your listing and what you do to your property in preparation for sale. The majority of millennials have been shown to rely on online listing portals when house hunting, and expect to be shown high-quality listings that show them everything they need to know.

With this in mind, your home preparation should be very detailed. You need to make sure that the digital impression you give of your property will stand out from the crowd. Younger buyers may also be more open to bolder colour schemes as well as being more open to carrying out renovations themselves. This means you could potentially forgo major renovation work in favour of presenting a clean and blank slate to buyers.

Improve your online presence with videos and virtual tours

If you want your listing to stand out in 2019 you need to embrace everything digital, that means video and virtual tours. Younger generations have grown up using the internet for absolutely everything and will turn to it when house hunting.

Videos and virtual tours allow potential buyers to take a thorough look inside your property and get a better understanding of the space, without the need to go to an open house.

This allows them to better narrow down their search meaning that when they eventually do come to view a property in the flesh they are very serious about considering it. This is also a bonus to the seller as you know that if a buyer has come to see the property you have a good chance of a sale.

Focus on energy efficiency

As people are beginning to place increasing values on sustainability and energy efficiency, this has become ever more prominent when looking for properties. Rated homes and those with more energy efficient appliances and utilities are becoming increasingly popular.

When looking to sell, think about what upgrades and renovations you can carry out that will make your property more energy efficient. Consider replacing the insulation in the attic and switching to energy saving bulbs and more efficient heating methods.

Go Mobile

The use of smartphones is spreading throughout every industry and real estate is no different. More and more users are using their phones to look for real estate listings throughout the day, so its important that your home looks amazing on mobile.

Look for an agent who can ensure good mobile visibility, both through their own web presence and the use of social media marketing, allowing your listing to reach the most relevant audience.

For more information about selling your property in Whistler, get in touch with on of our local, full-time Realtors.

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