Truth or Dare, TEDActive Edition

February 26, 2015
Truth or dare

You’ve probably heard of TEDTalks before. The tagline for this annual conference is “Ideas Worth Spreading” – and that’s exactly what it’s about. TEDTalks brings together a group of brilliant minds to share thoughts, ideas, and short speeches on a topic of their choice. Last year, Vancouver had the honour of hosting TEDTalks for the first time, and they’re getting ready to do it again from March 16 to March 20, 2015.

But have you heard about TEDActive? This satellite event takes place alongside the TEDTalks schedule and is hosted right here in Whistler. You might think of TEDActive as the younger, edgier, entrepreneurial sibling of TEDTalks – a personality that fits right in here in Whistler.

This year’s TEDActive Theme is “Truth or Dare”, so we thought it would be fitting to find out more about the conference in classic truth or dare fashion.

Dare: We Dare You to Apply to TEDActive

Attending TEDActive is not as simple as just buying a ticket. A limited number of passes are available for the conference, and attendees must fill out an extensive application form in order to be considered.

The application form asks questions such as “What are you passionate about?” and “Share a memorable anecdote from your life that will give us a sense of what inspires or defines you.” If your application gets chosen, you’ll have to pay $4,250 USD for access to the week’s events.

tedactive whistler 2015

Truth: Do Whistlerites Get Insider Access?

Missed the deadline to apply? Luckily, locals have additional opportunities to get involved with TEDActive. Keep your eyes open for job opportunities to help out with the behind-the-scenes action. Further, the library broadcasts the talks for free – stop by during the conference to check them out!

Truth: What’s Up With the Beanbags?

TEDActive primarily takes place throughout the Whistler Conference Centre. Of course, you might not recognize the facility – the folks at TED do a great job of transforming it into a series of totally unique spaces. Expect plenty moveable furniture that can reconfigure to meet your needs and LOTS of beanbag chairs, a TED staple.

Attendees are also invited to take part in offsite activities. This could include anything from a ski day to a special dinner held on top of the mountain.

tedtalk vancouver

Truth: What Goes On In There?

Many people wonder what, exactly, goes on during the TEDActive conference. Of course, the TEDTalks themselves are a huge part of the week. The talks are streamed live from Vancouver in a huge theatre-type setting. Beyond the main talks, there are brainstorming sessions, problem-solving activities, creative spaces, entertainment, and tons of networking opportunities.

Dare: Check It Out for Yourself!

The people who attend TEDActive tend to be creative, innovative, and fuelled by big ideas. The conference provides a setting for them to connect and share thoughts, learning from people from totally different backgrounds who share similar passions. That’s why attendees need to apply before being admitted: the facilitators want to ensure that the group is dynamic and will feed off one another. That means you’re just as likely to have a deep conversation with a 67-year-old lawyer from France as you are to engage in a heated debated with an 18-year-old app developer from Florida!

Attendees walk away with new friends, new business connections, and new big ideas to focus on in the upcoming year.

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