Water Sports in Whistler

August 14, 2014
Steve legge stand up paddle board

Whistler is well known for the wide variety of winter sports it has to offer – skiing, snowboarding, skinny skiing, luging, hockey, skating, snowmobiling, dog sledding. But, did you know that it also has a vast array of sports on offer that take advantage of the wet stuff when it isn’t frozen?

Yes, that’s right, snow and ice aren’t the only commodities for fun around the valley, and as warm weather hits Whistler turning the snow into rushing streams, rivers and lakes, it is time for residents and visitors alike to check out the sports that take advantage of water in its liquid form.


With fifteen different species of fish in the Whistler area, fishing is good all year round. However, if you are interested in fishing for Chinook or Rainbow trout, summer in the valley is a great time to get out your pole and reel and head to the lakes and rivers. If you haven’t ever fished, this is a great time to try it. With the summer runs of salmon returning from the ocean to spawn, the streams are teaming with fish and even a novice at casting can feel the thrill of fly fishing with Whistler Fishing Guides.

Paddle Sports and Wind Powered Fun

The idea of standing still, throwing a hook in the water and waiting for fish to bite not quite what you were looking for? Well, all it takes is a look around Alta Lake on a sunny summer day to see that there are a lot more active options available!

Alta Lake is the home to the Whistler Rowing Club and you can often see its members out on the glassy surface of the lake in the early morning. These members are often joined by swimmers and Stand Up Paddle Boarders enjoying the serenity and the mountain views.

As the day warms up, canoers and kayakers take to the lake and head toward the north end of Alta to enjoy a relaxing trip down the river of Golden Dreams. Whistler Eco Tours rents canoes, kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards for anyone wanting to join in on the fun.

With the wind picking up around midday, small sail boats and wind surfers can be seen flitting from one end of the lake to the other. The Whistler Sailing Club offers lessons and rentals for those wanting to feel the wind in their hair and a rudder in their hand

White water and white knuckles

Ok, the gentle breezes still not quite enough of an adrenaline rush? Want a little more white water action than Alta Lake on a windy afternoon? Well, you just might to make your way to Green Lake!

Whether you want to water ski or wake board, Green Lake is where all the action is. However, if this still doesn’t offer enough of a thrill, you will need to move off the lakes and into the rivers! White Water Kayaking on the Cheakamus River, River Rafting or Jet Boating on Green River – whatever you choose, these options offer thrills in abundance.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Steve Legge

Stand Up Paddle Board Whistler

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has seen tremendous growth in popularity in the last couple of years, and Whistler Real Estate’s own Steve Legge is at the forefront of this particular trend.

Steve is the founder of Kahuna Paddleboards and has been a SUP enthusiast since 2005. Always trying to lead rather than follow, Steve has designed boards that are shorter and wider to provide stability, but have a long rocker line to keep the glide.

KAHUNA means big in Hawaiian and while the name originally referred to the shape of the board, it might as well apply to the impact the company is making in the industry.  A finalist in the BC Small Business Awards Best International Trade category, as well as being the largest Canadian producer of paddleboards. Kahuna Paddleboards and Steve Legge can be seen on the lakes and waterways of Whistler enjoying the Whistler lifestyle.

So with summer in full swing, why not take to the lakes and rivers and try something new?

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