What is Whistler Like in the Summer?

June 2, 2016
Child with a skipping rope at the dock

It’s fair to say that many people only know Whistler for its winters. Skiing and snowboarding bring in huge numbers of visitors, tourists, seasonaires, and new residents. But, as everyone says – you move to Whistler for the winter and stay for the summer!

Whistler in the summer is a fantastic place with great weather, a wonderful atmosphere and tons of events and activities to take part in. Once you’ve experienced it, you may even prefer it to winter!

Festivals and events

Summer in Whistler is a hive of activity with lots happening all the time. There are free concerts, international sport events such as Crankworx and Ironman, races and marathons, and various festivals including Pemberton Music Festival, Wanderlust and Whistler Beer Festival.

Each week there are regular events for both locals and visitors, whether you’re just passing by and want to catch a free concert, or you take part in the Toonie Ride every week.

Summer here has something to keep everyone entertained! Check out the full list of events HERE.

Sunshine, and lots of it!

Believe it or not Whistler gets hot in the summer. Very hot. You may not think of a mountain town (or even Canada for that matter!) as a warm, sunny place, but trust us it is!

Throughout the majority of the summer months Whistler is blessed with very few rainfalls and lots of sunshine. The lakes, which are frozen in winter, suddenly become the place to be with sun-bathers, swimmers, paddle-boarders and more!

Person canoeing in Whistler


If there’s one thing Whistler summers are famous for it’s mountain biking. Here you will find arguably the best mountain biking in the world and the setting for the biggest bike festival, Crankworx.

From downhill, to xc, to enduro, Whistler is taken over by bikes, and if they’re not in the mountains they’re on the roads, with Ironman Canada and the Gran Fondo race.

Biking in Whistler is a huge deal and if you are unfamiliar with the bike park you should definitely give it a try, it’s extremely fun and very addictive!

Red Bull Festival


As the snow melts in the village and the surrounding area you get access to a hug range of landscapes to explore. What was once covered in snow and only accessible by sled or snow-shoe can now be reached with ease.

Hiking and biking trails, along with logging roads take you to incredible places from mountains and lakes to waterfalls. And for those who love camping there are tons of free and serviced campgrounds to explore!

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