Whistler 2010 Olympic Memories

February 12, 2020
Whistler 2020 Olympics

Can you believe the Whistler 2010 Olympic Games is celebrating its first milestone? Ten years ago (on February 12th) the Whistler community came together for an unparalleled opportunity as Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Now, it’s time for the community to come together again as we remember the celebrations, memories and pride.

As part of that, we thought it would be fun to share some of our Whistler Real Estate Company agent’s favorite memories from the 2010 Olympics. Many of them were here not only participating in the events but volunteering or had family members who were competing (and placing on the podium!).

It was an exciting time for everyone involved, but particularly for our agents who have deep roots in the Whistler community.

In their own words, here are their memories from the Whistler 2010 Olympics:

Iconic Whistler 2010 Olympic Memories

Jamie Dowling’s Memories, assistant to Marika Koenig

“My favorite memory of the Olympics was lining up in the early morning hours to get into Citta’s (now The Beacon) to watch the Canadian Hockey Game. Canada Wins, the crowd goes wild and Blue Rodeo plays… it may, in fact, be the best day ever! So patriotic – the noise and energy that came after that winning goal can never be replicated.

Second to that, was when Jon Montgomery became one of the best-known Canadian athletes of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games when he won gold (in Men’s Skeleton) and did the winning gold walk through Whistler Village with a pitcher of beer!”

Jamie Dowling, celebrating in the Whistler Village!

Dave Brown’s Memories

“This was a photo with Alberto Tomba, the famous Italian GS, and Slalom skier and 3 time Olympic Gold medalist.  My wife Michelle and I met him on February 14, 2010, in the Village.  He was with an Italian TV crew that was filming him handing out chocolates to the ladies for Valentine’s Day.  I quickly pushed Michelle forward hoping that we could meet him.  He came over right away and gave one to her.  I then snuck over to meet him as he was a skiing idol of mine growing up and we got a photo with him!” – Dave Brown, The Whistler Real Estate Company
“At the Men’s Downhill race, I was the first person into the stadium that day, lining up at 4:30 AM.  We were right at the front of the downhill stadium in the crazy section of Swiss fans who were thrilled to see Swiss Skier, Didier Defago, win the Gold Medal that day.  I also attached a photo of Bode Miller who won the bronze that day – that shows you how close we were to the finish area!” – Dave Brown, The Whistler Real Estate Company

Amber Mann’s Memories

“I was here during the Olympics enjoying all the fresh powder on the mountain or watching the events and then checking out the live entertainment in the evenings! My favourite memory is watching a favourite Canadian band ‘Blue Rodeo’ perform live in Whistler!” – Amber Mann, The Whistler Real Estate Company

Danielle Menzel’s Memories

“One of my favourite memories of the Whistler 2010 Olympics was watching the first couple periods of the Gold Medal Hockey Game with Jim Cuddy at The Longhorn and then watching him and the rest of Blue Rodeo play in Village Square after Canada won. The second was celebrating Ashleigh McIvor’s hometown win!” (read more about this below from Keith McIvor’s perspective)

Alison Bradford’s Memories, assistant to Dave Burch

“There are SO many amazing memories from those 2 weeks. I was working in a bar (Crystal Lounge), riding powder on an empty mountain most days, watching lots of events and soaking up the incredible vibe in town. I will never forget the hockey grand final CAN vs USA – incredible atmosphere at the Crystal Lounge where I was working that day – anything went. It was jam-packed with patrons watching the game, standing/dancing up on chairs/tables & crowd surfing – it was pretty wild for a Sunday après!” – Alison Bradford, The Whistler Real Estate Company

Whistler 2010 Olympic Athlete Memories

Stephanie Sloan and Ray Longmuir’s Memories

Stephanie |

“My daughter and Ray’s stepdaughter, Julia Murray competed in the 2010 Olympics. Her Dad was Crazy Cannuck, Dave Murray, who was also an Olympian competing in the ’76 Innsbruck Olympics and the ’80 Lake Placid Olympics. Julia is a born and bred Whistlerite who grew up dreaming that she might be in the Olympics someday.

The dream came true  – in her hometown and in an event that evolved from her ski racing career, Ski Cross.

Julia also carried the torch – as part of her Dad’s Legacy. She was on the second to last leg – standing above the crowds on the jump with Crazy Cannuck, Steve Podborski.”

Ray |

“The 2010 games were an amazing time for us as our daughter, Julia Murray, was competing for Canada as a ski cross athlete. Sitting in 3rd place in the World Cup Standings she suffered a knee injury in late January at the last World Cup event before the Olympics in Lake Placid.  Through hard work and determination, she was able to get back on skies on February 18th and compete on the 23rd. We were down at Cypress for the event, as she approached the start gate her name was announced and the crowd went wild! An amazing moment that still gives me chills. We were then and still remain, incredibly proud of her.

Another memory of the 2010 Olympic Games is:
“We were at Canada Place here in Whistler to watch the gold medal hockey game with a few hundred other proud Canadians. We watched on the edge of our seats as Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime, then we all spilled out onto the plaza to watch Blue Rodeo perform. As they hit the stage the sun came out and the crowd passed around an enormous Canadian flag! Such an amazing time.”

Feb 5, 2010: Whistler BC. Julia Murray, Olympic Ski Cross athlete and daughter of the late Dave Murray passes the torch to fellow crazy canuck, Steve Podborski, both of Whistler, as part of the Olympic Torch Relay. Photo by Scott Brammer – coastphoto.com
From left to right: Stephanie Sloan, Julia Murray and Ray Longmuir
Julia Murray during her race!

Keith McIvor’s Memory

“The 2010 Olympics was a very special time for the McIvor family, where my cousin Ashleigh won the gold medal in ski cross.  I watched Ashleigh grow into a beautiful woman, Olympic athlete, and mother!” – Keith McIvor, The Whistler Real Estate Company

Volunteering Memories at the Whistler 2010 Olympics

Dan Scarratt’s Memories

Lisa Ames’ Memories

“I volunteered at the press centre during the Olympics. It was an incredible time in Whistler and full of so many memories! There were long days involved, but it was such a special time. I also spent my fair share of time in the “mosh pit” at the medals plaza and my all-access pass came in super handy!” – Lisa Ames, The Whistler Real Estate Company

Karen Vagelatos’ Memories

“I volunteered for the Men’s Alpine Events: Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom and Slalom.” – Karen Vagelatos, Whistler Real Estate Company

Whistler 2010 Olympic Ceremony

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