Whistler Home Design Trends Transcending 2018 into 2019

January 1, 2019
Bright living room layout
Written by Rebecca Craig from Whistler’s home staging company Whistler Lifestyle Design.

As the end of the year approaches, we naturally start to think about how to refresh and rejuvenate our own spaces.  Simple questions such as, what colour should we be painting our walls, and what colour couch and/or accessories should we be buying?  Before we make that commitment, let’s briefly revisit the design trends that emerged and evolved in 2018 – as well as what will continue to hold strong into 2019.


Bright bedroom layout
photo courtesy of Kristen McGaughey photography & styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

As design trends emerge, they often take time to slowly catch on, live out their life cycle, and then slowly go out of style.  Because black was such a strong force in 2018, we expect it to still hold strong into this season. Black grounds a space – it’s a timeless classic and it always looks edgy and sharp. Hardware on doors, curtain rods, bathroom fixtures, and accessories complete any industrial, farmhouse, or midcentury modern look. Oxidized oak is a hot new trend for 2019. The new black stain for wood is starting to replace white washed or faded grey stain on wood furniture.  Instead of throwing out that faded coffee table, maybe re-think and re-vive it with a semi-transparent black stain.


Eaglewind Blvd Bedroom

photo courtesy of Kelly Cosgrove @lensandlistings & styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

Gold and all mixed metallics hold strong into the New Year.  Silver and brushed nickel fade away, and gold (brushed, brassy and bold), remains to be the favourite with designers. Although the general home owner is still not that convinced to choose gold as the new metallic; have a look in any high street furnishing store or magazine and you will see that there isn’t a silver accessory in sight.  Furthermore, you will also notice the faucets in kitchens and bathrooms slowly turning gold one by one.  If you’re not ready to embrace this trend wholeheartedly, experiment with smaller inexpensive items, like picture frames, vases, and accessories.


Emerald green and gold candle

photo courtesy of Rebecca Craig & styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

Bold colours have been a huge trend in paint this last year.  Bold jewel tones of navy, emerald green, dusty flamingo pink, and gold mustard remain the leaders of the accent colours.  As decorators and home stagers, we often use these colours in accessories.  If you’re shy to fully commit, accessories are a great way to show your style without making a huge investment. Cushions, throws, and accessories, can all be inexpensively purchased and switched out with the seasons. The velvet jade couch may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but if you are looking for an inexpensive way to show your style, an emerald green velvet cushion and candle may be a wiser choice.


Telemark Living Room

photo courtesy of Kristen McGaughey photography & styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

White Walls – this is no phase people! This is a decade long trend!  GONE – are the beige walls, IN – with the white, creamy fluffy white beige, or even beigey creamy white – whatever is your comfort white.  Time to get rid of the darker yellow and greeney beige.

Carson from CTE painting, one of Whistlers leading painters, says “everybody these days are requesting white, white, white”.  His top recommendation for Benjamin Moore white walls are: simply white, cloud white, white dove, chantilly lace, oxford white, and decorators white.


Lounge room at alta lake road

photo courtesy of Kristen McGaughey photography & styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

The Scandinavian style of natural elements will still continue to be popular this year.  The soothing calmness that you feel when everything is neutral is inspiring.  Natural fabrics like linens, chunky knit wools, deep woods, beiges and baskets, along with fresh greenery, work well together. We use a lot of neutrals in home staging.

When staging a home for sale, we like to showcase the natural features of the home by using light and airy colours.  This allows buyers to focus on what they are actually here to do – buy the house! This season we may see the introduction of rice paper, clay and jute, and sustainable handmade pieces.


Dark Kitchen

Photo coutersy of deavita.net

BOLD BACKSPLASHES AND COLOURED KITCHENS – it’s time…  We have enjoyed white counter tops, kitchens, and bathrooms for quite some time.  It was inevitable that this trend was going to come to an end at some point.  Make way for darker smokey navy, greys, and black cabinets.  A trend of rich colours in kitchens and bathrooms is finally predicted for next year.

Other trends that are notable for this season, which we may not adopt quite as quickly in Whistler are curvy furniture, bright coloured boho pieces, antiques and heirloom pieces.


Whistler Ski Cabin living room

photo courtesy of Kristen McGaughey photography, styled by Whistler Lifestyle Design

In Whistler we always embrace the cozy, warm, and inviting spaces.  Fur, wood elements, and comfy couches are perfect for relaxing evenings. Our ski cabin culture evokes warm, cozy nights cuddled up on the couch drinking red wine in front of the fire after a day on the slopes.  For the time being Whistlerites, fur, stag heads, and comfortable furnishings are not going anywhere.

Rebecca is the owner of Whistler Lifestyle Design, a home staging and decorating company in Whistler BC. If you are considering making some decorating upgrades to your Whistler home contact Rebecca and her team.

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