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September 18, 2014
Whistler Real Estate

We are proud to announce that Whistler Real Estate has been named the exclusive Ownermatch representative in Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky area.

Ownermatch International offers a unique system that perfectly “matches” buyers and sellers, bringing them together for a mutually beneficial co-ownership relationship.

What is Ownermatch?

Ownermatch essentially matches an owner with a buyer of a 50% interest in a property, creating exclusive co-ownership.

Exclusive co-ownership allows two well-matched co-owners to share the investment and ongoing enjoyment of one luxury resort property, and experience the financial and lifestyle benefits that neither could achieve acting on their own.

How does it work?

One luxurious “second home” property is equally owned by two perfectly matched co-owners.

Both owners enjoy exclusive use of the property for six months of each year, according to a pre-determined schedule. The properties are professionally managed year round, with all the costs shared 50/50.

Co-owners can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of owing 100% of a luxury property in Whistler, for 50% of the cost. It is more than just a form of fractional ownership – its unique feature is that the seller and buyer are able to customize the usage agreement to suit their own particular requirements.

This creates a perfect working relationship and a win-win in terms of investment and usage. The key benefit of Ownermatch is the matching of like-minded people for the best deal for everybody.

Why Ownermatch?

Ownermatch is the perfect deal for those who maybe don’t have the time to enjoy their second homes on a regular basis. It is also a great way for sellers to stay connected to the resort they love, but without 100% of the investment.

The system also means that a buyer with a higher price range can make things happen faster as well as reaping the financial benefits from only paying 50% of the costs.

Some buyers may spend their time in more than one resort and may not visit Whistler every weekend. For those investors Ownermatch creates the perfect solution, allowing them to keep their second home for an affordable fee.

Benefits of Ownermatch

Benefits for present owners:

  • Sell a half interest in your Whistler recreational asset/property
  • Withdraw half the value, freeing up those resources for other investments of your choosing
  • Reduce the possibility of debt exposure
  • Cut all ownership costs by half
  • Retain a half interest in your Whistler property as a long-term investment
  • Protect the wonderful Whistler “lifestyle” you have built and use your asset as much as you want

Benefits for new purchasers:

  • Purchase a half interest in a more luxurious Whistler lifestyle experience/property rather than purchasing a less appealing property on your own
  • Indulge in a luxury resort home with more space, features, and amenities
  • Pay only half of the purchase price and ongoing costs of ownership
  • Enjoy a “Whistler luxury resort home experience” with family, friends & business associates for half the actual cost

For more details, please visit: www.ownermatchresorthomes.com or contact us

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