Whistler Real Estate On A Global Scale, How Do We Compare?

September 6, 2018
Global scale

The Whistler Real Estate Company has been helping people find their dream home in the Whistler area for 40 years and is the number one real estate company in Whistler. Over the years our client base has expanded to a national and international level. So how do we compare as a local firm in a global market?


Our local expertise is matched by our global reach. Our association with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (Leading RE) and Aventure Reality provides Whistler Real Estate with international connections and the power of a pervasive national and global network.

Aventure Reality provides us access to a database of Realtors and brokers in over 1,200 markets across Canada. This unique network serves as a powerful referral tool and allows us to showcase our local properties and expertise on a national scale. It allows Whistler Real Estate the opportunity to leverage collective strengths and offer a superior service to clients, all while maintaining our unique brand identity.

Leading RE is an exclusive network of independent brokers with over 565 companies in over 70 countries. This unique network allows us to market your home both nationally and internationally. It also gives you the ability to purchase property in another market, relying on our trusted colleagues to offer you the same high level of service and care all over the world.

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At Whistler Real Estate we pride ourselves on our quality service and premier customer care. Our realtors have well over 500 years of combined experience in the Whistler and Pemberton markets, as well as being active members of the communities. We endeavour to reflect this quality on a global scale through our global messaging and connections.

Leading RE is an exclusive network and only the most reputable, market-leading firms pass the Leading RE vetting process. Whistler Real Estate has been awarded membership because we have a track record of delivering outstanding service. A strong component of Leading RE is the Luxury Portfolio, this is an exclusive network for a select group of Leading RE companies. This Luxury Portfolio represents more than 1 million-plus listings than any other major luxury competitor globally.

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We’re local, we’re global. As we are a local company rooted in the regional and global market, we bring an authenticity, depth of knowledge and an array of community relationships to every transaction.

For more information on our unique market, get in touch with one of our agents.

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