Whistler Winter Moving Tips

January 24, 2020
Winter Moving Tips

While moving in winter isn’t generally considered an ideal time to move house, in Whistler can be a very common time to buy and sell. And, you named it – move! Due to the seasonal nature of the area bringing in high traffic during winter, many properties are bought and sold at this time and therefore moving in winter is inevitable.

At first, it can seem like a crazy idea to move while fighting the cold, snow and other variables. However, if you follow these steps your winter move can be done just as easily as if it were summertime!

Snow Removal

It is winter after all! Keep an eye on the weather in the lead up to your moving day, and if it looks like there is going to be snow then be sure to make arrangements for snow removal and de-icing.

It’s hard enough carrying everything as it is without having to walk through knee-deep snow in the process!

Protect Your Floors

Seeing as you’ll be walking in and out of your house all day, it’s a good idea to protect your floors. Be sure to lay down blankets and tarps to protect your flooring and carpets. Alternatively, you could also have a team dedicated to staying in the house (to bring new boxes/items to the front door), and a team dedicated to receiving those items and packing the vehicle. This would eliminate messy boots trafficking salt and snow in and out of the house.

Adjust the Heating

As you bring boxes in and out, it’s hard to ensure the doors always stay closed. To ensure you’re not heating the outdoors as people come in and out, we suggest turning down your furnace. With all the cold air it would be working overtime trying to compensate, and therefore could lead to a massive hydro bill.

Turn your heating down or off for moving day to avoid high bills. You can, however, leave the heating on in rooms that will have the doors closed such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Prepare Warm Food and Drinks

Warm drinks and snacks will help keep you going throughout the day. One of the best tips our Realtors gave us was preparing a stew or chili the day before, so you can easily have something hearty to heat up for lunch/dinner. Coffee and hot chocolate will also keep you going throughout the day and keep the cold out. Make sure you keep aside a bottle of your favourite hot chocolate additive to keep spirits high after all the driving is done – Bailey’s anyone?

Take it Easy

With snow and ice outside, as well as traffic and excitement levels, moving can be exhausting. Be sure to take your time and be careful when transporting everything. Certain items can also become more fragile or harder to carry when left out in the cold. Be sure to label everything fragile with labels to help movers distinguish between items, and have a plan in place beforehand.

Be patient and take your time, if you’re well prepared then the day will go by without any hitches, leaving you to relax and get warm in your new home! Good luck!

For more information on moving to Whistler in winter, get in touch with one of our Realtors.

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