Whistler’s New Postal Codes

September 18, 2018
Whistler Post office Box

In order to accommodate Whistler’s growing community (with more than 10,000 addresses in the community) Canada Post assigned new postal codes to every property in Whistler. These new postal codes took effect on September 17, 2018.

In order to ease the transition, mail sent to old postal codes will continue to be delivered until September 17, 2019 through mail redirection. So, although packages and parcels will still be received, they will likely take a little longer so it is important to update your postal code sooner rather than later for shipping on any time-sensitive items.

In the coming weeks, Whistler residents should take some time to make sure that they update their mailing information everywhere. This includes your driver’s licence, home and auto insurance, banking and mortgage providers, billing addresses for any paper bills, subscriptions delivered via mail, the land title office, etc.

When updating your information at the Land Title Office, it is important to remember to change the address on the title to any properties you own in British Columbia, not just your Whistler property. So, if your Whistler address is also on title for property you own in Sun Peaks or Saltspring Island, you need to ensure that your postal code is changed on those properties as well. Why?

  1. The BC Assessment Authority uses the address shown on the titles at the Land Title Office as the address for your Annual BC Assessment Notice
  2. The RMOW uses the address shown on the titles at the Land Titles Office as the address for your Annual Property Tax Notice

If your Whistler address is listed on any title(s) for property in BC, you need to make sure to update it or run the risk of not receiving your Assessment Notice or, more importantly, your Property Tax Notice. If you do not receive your Property Tax Notice and miss a deadline or forget to pay your property taxes as result you will be subject to fines and eventually at risk of having your property forfeited to the Crown. Although this won’t happen immediately, it is not worth the risk of getting yourself into this situation.

Here is a link to the Land Title Office website that outlines the procedure to change your address and includes the required form.

If you are unsure of your new postal code in Whistler, you can find it here by typing in your address.

Finally, here is a detailed checklist of places to update your mailing address.

The new postal code for our office location in Whistler (at 17-4308 Main Street) is V8E 1A9.


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