Who Lives in Whistler?

November 24, 2016
People Snowshoeing in Whistler

Whistler is full of a hugely diverse number of people. Visitors to the area come from all over the world to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, and enjoy everything the beautiful landscape has to offer.

But who actually lives in Whistler? Who are the people left when all the tourists have gone? The population of the area is estimated at around 10,000, but that fluctuates season to season and on any day there could be 30,000+ in the village!

Born and bred

It may be hard for some to believe, but there are people who are born and raised in Whistler! Although it is a melting pot for worldwide travellers, it is also a place that draws people in to settle down and raise families.

Whistler has a number of schools, ranging from early childhood education to elementary schools to a high school. There are plenty of options and you can find out more about raising a family in Whistler in our blog.

Long-time locals

Determining a Whistler local is no easy feat! In a town where everyone who stays for an extended period feels like a local, we have to narrow this category down to specifically long-term.

Most of them have the same story – they came to Whistler for a ski season and never left, and why wouldn’t you stay!? There is so much to offer here that the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave. Think you’re a true local? Take our test!


Seasonaires – the transient workforce that keeps the town going, injects new life, and creates more locals!

Twice a year, before summer and winter, a new batch of fresh faces make their way to Whistler to ski, snowboard, bike, or just escape. They may stay for anything from six months to a year, to even longer! For many they will fall in love with the area and before long, make the smooth transition to long-term local.

Second home-owners

The final category of Whistlerite is the second home owner. They may live anywhere along the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, or further, but their true calling is the mountains! Most weeks they will drive up the 99 to enjoy the wonderful community and everything it has to offer.

Again, like seasonaires though, they often make the move permanent because the lifestyle is too wonderful to resist!


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