Why Whistler is so Much More Than a Winter Resort

April 20, 2017
Olympics in Whistler

When most people think of Whistler they picture snowy mountains, skiing, and snowboarding. The area is known worldwide for being home to one of the world’s best ski resorts, but there is so much more to Whistler.

It can seem like an obvious statement for locals and those who know the area, but for many Whistler is still just a ski resort (albeit a very good one!). However, what happens when the snow melts may surprise you!

Still a world-class resort

Underneath the snow of the ski trails, hidden in the trees, lies a huge network of mountain bike trails otherwise known as the Whistler Bike Park. While Whistler is consistently voted the number one ski resort in North America, the bike park is known as the best mountain bike resort in the world!

In the summer the Village and mountain completely transform into a biker’s paradise, and even those familiar with the area might not recognise it at first!

There is actually sunshine!

Believe it or not, when summer comes to Whistler there is sunshine, and a lot of it! You could be forgiven for associating the mountains with snow, but once the sun comes out it is scorching!

Temperatures in summer can reach the high 30s and stay consistently high throughout the season. The frozen lakes (now thawed) become hot spots for locals looking to sunbathe on the beaches and cool off in the water.

More events?

After the huge number of events of the winter it could be hard to imagine summer topping that, however, you will find a plethora of events throughout the season! Expect everything from outdoor celebrations, concerts, music festivals, sporting events such as Ironman and Crankworx, yoga festivals, beer festivals, and so much more.

Each week brings with it new surprises and things to do. The summer really does just keep giving, and before long you may even be having more fun than in winter!

More people?

The long lift lines may be gone, but that doesn’t mean there are less people – far from it. In fact, in recent years summer has actually seen more visitors than winter!

Everywhere you go you will see people outside enjoying everything Whistler has to offer. Whether they’re biking, hiking, relaxing, sun-bathing, or just exploring the Village. Summer is a time to get outside, live life, take in nature, and most importantly, have fun!

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