Julia Murray

Phone Number: 604.935.0813

Email: jules@wrec.com

A little bit about Julia

Meet Julia (AKA Jules), a born and raised Whistler local Olympian.
Julia has donned numerous hats as a Ski Cross National Team member for 5 years, a World Champion Silver Medalist, a TV host, and a ‘Ski with an Olympian’ guide.
Her versatility extends to her roles as a nutritionist and chef, where she has made an impact in the plant-based realm.
Beyond that, she’s been an owner of a breakfast company, co-founder of a nutrition app, and Social Media Manager for multiple companies. She’s also been involved in co-creating a virtual festival, planning a retreat, and generating content for various brands, including her own brand, Hooked On Plants.
And if the name Murray sounds familiar, that’s no coincidence. Julia’s late father was the legendary ‘Crazy Canuck’ ski racer Dave Murray. Maybe you’ve had the experience of ripping down the iconic DM Downhill to Dusty’s for a well-deserved cold one?
You also may have heard of her stepfather, Ray Longmuir, who’s not only been a successful Whistler Realtor for over two decades but is also known as one of the most patient and kind people around town.
Jules is all geared up to utilize her expertise. With a Diploma in Communications, a decade in the marketing world, and a lifetime in Whistler, Jules is eager to channel her skills into this next chapter with you.
Expect her to bring compassion, enthusiasm, local knowledge and patience as she stands by your side, helping to make your real estate dreams a reality.

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