Whistler Realtor Q&A: Jane Heim

March 20, 2019
Jane Heim

Q: Why did you move to Whistler? 

A: To Ski! I finished university and wanted to go skiing for a season, like most people here I guess.

Q: What did you do when you first arrived?

A: Sold waffles at the Crystal Hut and lived in staff housing!

Q: When did you get into Real Estate?

A: Well I skied for a couple of years just working in the resort and then went to Capilano University, I completed Tourism Business Management there and when I finished I got a job at a temp agency and they set me up with being a receptionist at a real estate brokerage. Then right away a top agent needed an assistant and she hired me and I got my real estate license right away and worked with her for ten years.  

Q: What do you enjoy about the lifestyle here?

A: I love absolutely everything about it! I love the skiing, the mountain biking and how easy it is to do everything. Even when I was just here out of school with no house or a car it was so easy for me to go out mountain biking or to the park. I mean you didn’t need anything, it was just so easy to go do it. And now I have a house and a car and a family and it’s just as amazing. So now our kids are in Whistler Kids Ski School and that is just the best thing that ever happened, I mean they’re obsessed with it!

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to buy property here?

A: I would say get to know Whistler first, get to know where you like to hike and ski, where you like to go mountain biking and where you like to spend your time. Get to know the neighborhoods and then find your spot.

Q: What is your favourite thing about working with your clients?

A: I love forming real relationships with my clients. That’s really what energizes me and keeps me engaged is forming meaningful relationships and knowing that I did a great job for them.

Q: What is your favourite Season and why?

A: For sure Winter because nothing beats powder skiing!

Q: If you were not a real estate agent, what would you be?

A: I would be a Ski Coach.

Q: What makes you smile the most?

A: My Kids.

Q: How do you decompress or how would you spend your ideal day?

A: Skiing pow.

Q: What is it like raising a family here? 

A: It is incredibly supportive and I want to say almost easy because it’s nice doing it in a small town and the resources come to you. Like the nurses come visit you at your house and there are so many programs where you can take your kids to and hang out with other Moms. It’s makes it easy, Pemberton is a great community for that.

Q: What accomplishment do you consider to be the most significant in your career or in your life?

A: I’d say having a successful real estate career and a family and making it work. Also, moving to Whistler and making it our permanent home. I mean that was a big deal for me, going from staff housing to where I am now. So, I would say my twelve-year real estate career and having a happy established family.

Q: Finally, in one sentence, why should people come live here?

A: It is the best community ever, it really promotes a healthy happy lifestyle. 

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