Whistler Realtor Q&A: Jeff Hume

April 12, 2018
Family in Whistler

Q: Why did you move to Whistler?

A: My family was living in Smithers, B.C. when we started getting the 7 year itch to move! At that point my brother and I were getting heavily into ski racing and wanted to be where the action was.

Q: What did you do when you first arrived?

A: High school and ski racing.

Q: When did you get into Real Estate?

A: I hung up the boards in 2005 after 9 years on the Canadian National Ski Team, spent a year and a half coaching at the local ski club and then started selling real estate in October 2007. Time flies!

Q: What do you enjoy about the lifestyle here?

A: I love the fact that we’re a small town with big city amenities.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to buy property here?

A: Whistler is not an inexpensive place to buy. There’s a good chance people will need to make a few smart moves in the real estate market to get to their dream home.

Q: What is your favourite thing about working with your clients?

A: I love figuring out how to work effectively with different individuals. Everyone seems to come at their purchase or sale from a different angle, depending on their occupation or personality.

Q: What is your favourite season and why?

A: Hard to say, they all have their advantages. A stormy winter is great for skiing. Spring is always welcome to defrost. Summers are amazing here. And fall means it’s time to do it all again.

Q: If you were not a real estate agent, what would you be?

A: An NFL quarterback! Watch out Russell Wilson!!!

Q: What makes you smile the most?

A: My wife and two boys.

Q: How do you decompress or how would you spend your ideal day?

A: My ideal day would have to include a helicopter dropping me and some friends off at some amazing, steep terrain right after a 50cm dump of cold, light snow. Fast forward a decade or so and my boys would be with me.

Q: What was it like raising a family here?

A: I’m in the thick of it with a 1 and 4 year old! It’s absolutely amazing!

Q: What accomplishment do you consider to be the most significant in your career or in your life?

A: I’ve always been proud of my smooth transition from sport to business. It’s not easy to go from having one clear goal to reach throughout your childhood (sport) to being in an, often overwhelming, position where you can go in any direction you want. I was lucky enough to be able to lean on many friends and family members who helped me stay away from distractions and focus my energy in the right direction.

Q: Finally, in one sentence, why should people come live here?

A: There is a work/life balance here like no other – that’s why the Hume’s have 4 generations living here!


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