Whistler Realtor Q&A: Julia Murray

December 14, 2023

We’d like to introduce you to our newest agent, Julia (AKA Jules) Murray.

Jules is a born and raised Whistler Olympian and marketing specialist with all the local knowledge you could ask for. Her roots run deep in this town with her late Father being the legendary Dave Murray. She’s worn many hats over the years as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist in the plant-based nutrition world, and is now ready to utilize her versatility, experience, and local knowledge to dive into the next chapter of her career life as a realtor, following in her Mom and her stepdad Ray’s footsteps. With her natural positivity, empathy and curiosity about your needs and dreams, she can’t wait to support you in your buying, selling or flipping journey, and make sure the experience is as stress-free and seamless as possible.

What is your favourite part about being a realtor?

The opportunity to connect with people on a profound level. I’ve always been fascinated with hearing people’s stories, diving into where they come from, where they aspire to go, and what truly makes them happy.

Real estate extends beyond the property itself; it’s a journey into supporting my clients as they craft an aligned future for themselves. I love helping clients turn their dreams into reality. Plus: I’m always keen to see what’s behind the next door, and with real estate, no two days (or two doors) are ever the same… my entrepreneurial mind loves that.

What do you think is the most important quality of a realtor that you’d like to convey to your client?

Authenticity, empathy, patience, adaptability, and local knowledge.

I have a genuine passion for listening and getting down to the bottom of what it is my clients truly want. Having been born and raised in Whistler, I’m excited to tap into my wealth of local knowledge in the world of real estate. My goal is to empower my clients with as much information they need to make decisions they’ll feel confident and happy about.


Outside of real estate, what are you passionate about?

Making the most of Whistler’s backyard by running, biking my 2 pups, skiing (and skiing with clients through WB’s Ski With Olympian Program), house music, reggae, cooking vegan food, travelling, kiteboarding, ocean, and animals. I love helping people get ‘Hooked on Plants.’ My journey as a Holistic Nutritionist and chef over the past 7 years, has been driven by my passion for the plant-based lifestyle and the environmental, ethical, performance, and longevity benefits that come with it.

From starting a cereal company, co-founding a nutrition app, promoting healthy things on TSC, and being a Social Media Manager for 5 plant-based start-ups, to creating recipes, volunteering at farm sanctuaries, and creating endless content—all aimed at inspiring the world to embrace more plants. 

What is your favourite place to go for a bite to eat?

There are many…to name a few: HWY Cafe (their BBQ Chick’un Wrap!), Green Moustache (all the healthy goodness), Ed’s Bred (you’ve never had sourdough + treats like theirs), Naked Sprout (quick + yummy stop in the village), Harajuku (hello, Rock n’ Roll Roll).

What accomplishment do you consider to be the most significant in your career or in your life? 

Competing in the 2010 Olympics as a Ski Cross athlete in my hometown was undeniably one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. The twist? I was pre-qualified for the Olympic team and considered a medal contender, but I blew my knee to pieces exactly one month before race day. I learned a lot about myself that month, and standing in that start gate on race day was a moment of accomplishment that will forever be etched in my memory.


Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about you.

‘Crazy Canuck’ Dave Murray, was my late Father and is the namesake for the legendary Dave Murray Downhill (maybe you’ve raced down it at the end of your day on Whistler?). He passed when I was two, but I feel like I know him from the countless inspiring stories. For the past 25 years, I’ve been grateful to have Ray as my stepdad. He’s one of the most patient and kind humans around town (and a seasoned, successful Realtor!)

Stay In Touch with Julia:

Follow on Instagram: @jules.eliz.murray | @hookedonplants

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